Do Customs/Border Police agents inspect Fed Ex packages?

I’m not shipping anything illegal, but Customs/Border police recently blocked shipment of a prescription drug order (with prescription) that happened to come from overseas (hell, I didn’t know where it was coming from; they rarely tell you).

I’ve heard that these agents don’t monitor Fed Ex packages as closely as others.

True? Would I be more successful if I made sure they shipped Fed Ex?

Depends on your legislation I guess. Customs will search anything coming into Australia no matter who the carrier is. I would doubt that any law enforcement agency would lower a risk rating for a delivery method for the very reason that you nominate- once it became known that Fedex (or whoever) was a low risk, all those who wanted illegal imports would use it.

There are far more sophisticated profiles than just the carrier.

I suppose I could be wrong, but I remember hearing not too long ago that FedEx packages don’t get inspected at all. He said that all the drug smugglers use fedex for that exact reason. The ONLY reason I would have for believing him (other then not having any reason to lie about it) is that he ships stuff for a living. Well receives it anyways. He works in the wholesale floral business, so they are constantly getting in flowers from overseas.

On a related note, I had a problem last year getting a piece of mail (original documents I wasn’t allowed to fax) quickly from home to a government building in my state capital. It was delayed for days to go through what I assume was some sort of anthrax-type screening. I called the government office to check up on the delivery of my time-sensitive mail, and was annoyed to learn of the standard delay only after I sent the documents regular mail as suggested by that office. Said the state employee, “Oh, well, next time you need to get something here quickly, just send it FedEx - comes right to us!”

Tip of the Day for the would-be terrorist: after spending hundreds of thousands or millions of bucks in your synthesis of your panic-inducing bio-agent, be sure to spend the extra $9.95 to ensure prompt delivery. :eek: :smack:

You really just can’t make this sort of thing up.