Fed (up) Ex

What is with Fed Ex. My wife order something from Land’s End. She ordered it 12 days before we went away for two weeks. She was assured that was plenty of time. She tracked it and the next day it was across the border in a depot near Toronto. From there it was sent to Halifax. Why? It stayed in Halifax for over a week and then was sent to Montreal. My wife kept sending them emails saying not to deliver until after we got back. Also to Land’s End. Of course, they tried to deliver twice while we were away and then returned it to the sender. She called Land’s End and explained what had happened and they agreed to reship it. That was a couple days ago. It went back to Toronto and then to the Montreal depot. Which immediately returned it to sender with no attempt to deliver it. What kind of business operates this way and why can’t Land’s End use a reliable shipper?

That is bad.

Read an article that with so much online shopping now FedEx and UPS and US post office are having a hard time keeping up all year round and of course Christmas is the biggest problem for them.

Best guess is that Land’s End has an exclusive contract with FedEx in exchange for lower rates. Land’s End doesn’t have the option of using a different shipper until the current contract ends unless they want to be accused of contract breech. Land’s End thought that the lower rates for shipping was a good and responsible business choice and on average, it may well be. That doesn’t mean you can’t get screwed by them.

Amazon is using their own trucks now for local deliveries so that is lowering demand for FedEx, UPS, etc. Amazon also has people using their own cars for small deliveries.

Back 15 years ago, when the Pit was slightly less serious, I shared my Fed-Ex experience: https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=285709

I saw a recent article that Amazon is banning 3rd party seller from using Fed(up)ex due to unreliability. I have had such experience. I was suppose to get a package a few days ago, got a email that they attempted delivery but would try again the next day. This happened 2x, it was all BS, there was no reason why if they actually came to the address they could not leave it, no signature was needed. Also checked the security cams, no they never came. Complained to Amazon and Fed(up)ex. They were caught between their lie and a hard place.

I have also had multiple other problems with FedupEx over the years at 3 separate addresses in 2 states. I hope they go out of business or get into something they can handle like aging scotch whiskey.

FedEX–rings bell, where would you like these UPS power supply’s?

UPS–Thud as package bounces off porch, cloud of smoke as truck flies away.

USPS–delivers to a hut 2.5 miles away.

As far as I know, FedEx is the fruit of a young businessman whose both idealism and pragmatism led to the implementation of one of the most successful business ideas in history.

I don’t know what’s up with them, but I live in Romania and my daughter orders a lot of k-pop stuff from the Far East, which gets delivered by regular mail with no problems.

Maybe they’re doomed?

Followup: My wife looked at the tracking this morning and found that Fed Ex had delivered it on Tuesday and had a signature from someone named Tony. We never left the house on Tuesday and there is no one in the building named Tony. They can’t do anything right.

I get packages delivered several times a week, by USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx. In the last few years, none have had any trouble finding my house, except last Tuesday, when I was expecting a delivery by Fedex.

I live on a 7-mile long road. All the houses are numbered with small green signs in front. All numbers are in the expected sequence with no exceptions. My mailbox also has the house number, and my porch has the house number in 3" high letters. You can drive in the driveway up to the porch, or park halfway and walk. If you drive in, the first and only house you see is mine, not obscured by trees. There is no gate or fence.

But last Tuesday, a delivery did not arrive, even though I was watching out the window, and there was no notice left on the door. The tracking data showed a “delivery exception” that said, “customer not available or business closed”. Since no signature was needed, and most drivers just leave the package on the porch, this made no sense. If the driver mistakenly thought a sig was needed, he could have rung the doorbell, but did not.

2 days later, another Fedex driver delivered the package without a problem. On the package was a hand-written note dated 12/24, saying, “no path to door”.

I can only conclude that the driver went to the wrong address, or got behind in deliveries and decided to pass this one up, hoping he could get away with it. Either way, this is incompetence, and I have reported the incident.

This delivery wasn’t urgent, but…

A couple of years ago, we had to deal with these idiots. It was a package that required a signature. I took a day off work to be sure someone would be home. The on-line tracker said it would arrive by 8PM. Nope. Then it said we’d get it the next day by 8 PM. Nope. Tried calling the local FedEx distribution center - no answer. Then I got an email saying it would be delivered the next Monday. Instead, someone showed up late on the Saturday before the alleged Monday, and I finally got my delivery.

Then I saw a website with multiple complaints about this particular facility and the suckage of their deliveries. I added my story.

Our house is not hard to find. We’re on the corner of 2 paved streets about a quarter of a mile off a main county road, and our name and number are on the mailbox at the end of the driveway. I never did get any explanation of why the first two drivers didn’t deliver.

Idiots, the lot of them!

We call the outfit DeFex because they often can’t find our remote home and leave stuff on other muddy porches.

I really hate when they leave cartons of photo supplies on the back porch in the sun while we’re away.

Any aerial drones in our vicinity would likely be shot down by irritable neighbors.

I read of a test, shipping a live motion detector on various carriers. USPS whacked the package the least.

We can fortunately get most deliveries at the post office. Amazon is weird about that sometimes. Damn Bezos!

An Amazon driver recently left four pallets of packages behind a nearby post office. On Sunday. With nobody around. Everything was gone by Monday morning, of course. 297 packages now headed for fast sales on eBay. Keep your eyes open.