OK, so you are a thirty-something married housewife, in an upscale suburb. Your husnad works long hours, and is burned out when he comes home. You even suspect that he’s been banging that pretty secretary at his office. You have two kids-once they are off to scholl, your mind wanders…then you spot a handsome 18-year old gardener-he is doing the neighbor’s lawn.
You ask him over to discuss having him do your landscaping-then you decide to have a torrid affair with him.
I’ve just summarized the plot of this new TV show-how long will it last?
Do housewives routinely have affairs with hunks who mow lawns?

The premise is at least as realistic as that of Alias, Lost, Survivor, CSI, or any of a dozen other shows.

I don’t have statistics for you, but I can attest first-hand that it does happen.

I was pursued by a desperate housewife when I was about 20. I didn’t reciprocate because I was involved with someone else (and even if I hadn’t been, she was horrible), but they do exist.

Desperate Housewives is one of those shows that really panders to all your common suburban stereotypes. I watched the last two episodes and it seems kind of hackneyed. I think suburbia is the new gay, as far as “edgy” TV drama goes.

According to the e-mails I get and several websites, yes. :smiley:

Holy crap! I see a lot of them every day where I work.
I work at the regional offices of a major health/tennis club in the twin cities where we are located within one of the clubs.
There are these tennis women that have sugar daddy husbands and do nothing but hang out at the club all day and get expensive lessons from pros. I’m friends with several of the pros and they all have stories of overly flirtatious women that they give lessons to. None of the guys act on it but they all seem to find it quite amusing.

I’ve seen 3 episodes, and you’ve nt even come close to summarizing the plot. All you’ve done is described an extremely minor side plot. Congrats on your overgeneralizations.

It’s actually a pretty decent show. Murder mystery, character development, hot women, humor, suburbian angst, hot women and drama. Try watching a show before criticizing it.