Do dogs pee in the tub?

We all have done it…

But an interesting question posed to me this morning asks if dogs do it. Now most of us have heard of the old sleep-over prank of a bowl of warm water and a sleepers fingers. Likewise who hasn’t let one go in the ocean or the pool? I know that young puppies will respond to stimulus by urinating, but does this phenomena happen to any other animals other than humans as adults?

for the OP: It depends on the animal and the stimulation. A common technique for collecting urine samples in female cattle is to rub them right below their vulva, where their urethra is wrapping up around the edge of their pubic bone. Doesn’t work in sheep or goats.

Kittens will also urinate and defecate when stimulated, often only if stimulated.

I haven’t done much wildlife work, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other species where the young are atricial wads of meat, kept in a confined area for several weeks, have a similar mechanism. That way, the young only release wastes when the parent is right there, licking them clean.

Not entirely sure how it works for birds that have atricial babies. I know in several species, as soon as the offspring is able, it will hang it’s bottom over the edge of the nest to poop, keeping the inside tidy.