do e-cigs smell (a poll)

In a current thread, Dangerosa stated that e-cigs release a nasty smell that clings to clothes (requiring up to two weeks of airing to get rid of it).

This statement seems absurd to me. E-cigs smell seems barely noticeable to me, not lasting, and certainly not clinging to clothes.

I’d want to know what is people experience. Thanks in advance.

Sometimes noticeable, hard to describe smell. Gone within 10 seconds.

Yes, they have a noticeable smell that I find mildly unpleasant. Sorty of a musty, stale odor. The scented ones, which most users I know use, add a layer of cheap air freshener to the smell. It generally dissipates quickly, but if someone vapes a lot in a particular area, it can build up. I don’t imagine it would last all that long on clothes, but enough can cling to be noticeable.

To put that in some perspective, I do have a relatively acute sense of smell.

The ones I have smelled remind me of flavored tobacco used in Hookahs.

As to the smell lingering, I don’t know how that is physically possible. Smoke smell lingers because smoke is a solid and needs to land somewhere. E-cigs work on vaporizing liquid - that isn’t going to linger much.

*'Electronic cigarettes can not be seen as being as safe as other regulated nicotine replacement therapies which meet pharmaceutical standards, these products are tested and have additives in them that we know to be safe - e-cigarettes don’t have this…

'At the moment electronic cigarettes may list the contents on the side of the packet, but there is no way of proving that this is the true content as there is no regulation…
A lack of regulation has led several countries, including Canada, Australia, and Singapore to ban the products because of fears over possible side-effects…
‘Also, little is known about their ingredients or the reliability of nicotine dosage. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is considering whether to regulate e-cigarettes and other new products that contain nicotine. At least until the MHRA reports back, Cancer Research UK does not recommend the use of e-cigarettes.’…
‘Electronic cigarettes may list the contents on the side of the packet, but there is no way of proving that this is the true content as there is no regulation.’…
On inhalation the cartridge is heated and a fine mist containing approximately 20 ingredients is produced. This mist is absorbed into the lungs, although some odourless vapour is released into the air as the smoker exhales."*

But of course, Chinese manufacturers (who supply most e-cigs) would never cover up unsafe ingredients or add things that aren’t listed on the label. :dubious:

That’s not exactly my question, though. You don’t need to know the exact composition to determine whether it smells or not.

I have a horrible sense of smell, but even I can smell them from aways off, and it is definitely unpleasant. I’ve never noticed that the odor lingers, but that may be because my sense of smell is so bad.

I don’t notice a smell in the smoke itself, but I have noticed that people who smoke them have a sort of fishy/cat litter note that comes out in their sweat or general BO.

Yep, it smells, and does cling. Its not as bad as smoke, but it is noticeable and stays noticeable if you are in an area with a lot of e-cig smokers.

One e-cig smoker - you aren’t going home with any noticeable odor.

If someone exhales directly at my face I can smell it. Even then, it’s gone within a few seconds and not offensive smelling.

There is still particulate matter and those particles can carry a scent. Boil some water with some spices in it, you get vapor, but you also get a noticeable smell. If you were to have a simmer pot going in a closed space, fabric in that space will pick up the scent. There is a whole home scent industry around vaporizing scent. Ever around someone who REALLY LIKES scented candles? And you can tell from their clothes (I’m guessing most of the guys around here haven’t, its sort of a suburban PTA mom deal). Same sort of thing.

It depends on the flavoring in the juice. Some smells like tobacco, some smells like Grape Nehi, some like peaches or watermelon or coconut or vanilla … but the smell is certainly much milder than the smell of a burning cigarette.

The flavorings are those used in food and candy. They are not just weird Chinese chemical concoctions.

I don’t know, have you had Chinese candy? :smiley: My husband came back with a little packet of trail mix that had teeny tiny dried fish in it.

It’s relevant to the “it’s just water vapor” argument.

Secondhand nicotine vapor, propylene glycol, “flavorings”, dried fish, whatever…sounds reasonable to me that the odor alone might be offensive to some.

I had to say “I don’t know” because I’ve honestly never even seen anyone smoking one (except in ads), let alone been close enough to smell it. That tells me I need to get out more, or something.

My wife never complained about the scent of my e-liquid, but she did notice when I switched from Chinese made to American made. She says that the American made e-liquid doesn’t smell as “chemically.”


Fuck yeah!

I personally think that Dangerosa is overstating. No way e-cigs scent clings to clothes for days. Come on.

Sounds good to me! Where can I get some? :slight_smile:

They can smell. I went with two friend to a concert that was sponsored by Blu E-Cigs (The Pretty Reckless) and they were passing out free ones to the audience. I couldn’t really smell it, but it was enough to make one of my friends sick and we had to go sit in the parents area. I don’t think the scent stuck to our clothes though.

Noticable and it depends on what they are smoking on whether or not it is pleasant or unpleasant. I detest bubblegum, for example and the e-cig bubblegum smells nasty to me.