Do endless sexual opportunites actually get boring?

Color me dumb, then. I know myself pretty well and I’m sure I’d wallow. There would be plenty of time for other stuff throughout the day.

Lots of elite male professional athletes are married, and I would hazard a guess that most of those relationships are traditional.

I would guess that pretty much anything available in unlimited quantities for no effort becomes boring, be it food, sex, movies, sports, travel or adventure. For something to be meaningful, there has to be a certain scarcity or limit to it.
That being said, i would guess also that no one in the world has truly unlimited sex available. Even the most famous celebrities or richest billionaires or most powerful people would still find women who would reject them for this or that reason.

I dunno I like air, haven’t got sick of it yet. Or water.

When I was in college ca. 1990, I saw a cartoon in a 'zine (remember those?) called “Axl & Nobbes.” AFAIK, it was just a one-off kind of thing, but yeah, Nobbes (spelled that way) was an inflatable sex doll. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did Wilt really say that? The interviews with him that I have seen don’t seem to suggest that. He seemed to enjoy the life he was having and wasn’t looking for a long term “true love” situation.

It was in his autobiography, published a few years before his death.

That spawned an SNL skit where Hammer, who was hosting, portrayed him in a “show” called “Remembrances of Love, with Wilt Chamberlain.” The main thing I remember is that he was wearing fake legs, to make him look 7 feet tall. :stuck_out_tongue:

20 000 women is one woman per nigh, no nights off for almost 55 years. He died at 63 (and no wonder). Given that he must have spent some time on athletics to become famous, he’d generally need an average number higher than one lay per day.

I don’t doubt that that is possible for a famous professional athlete, but every night for decade after decade after decade ? Seems high.



I gather it was more of a “three or four women per night two or three nights per week” thing.

So far, the discussion has been mainly about heterosexual sex and celebrities but aren’t we far more likely to find anecdata among homosexual/bisexual of the non-celebrity variety men? Once you’re out as a homosexual/bisexual man, the social costs of your sexuality have largely already been incurred and now, the only thing you have to do is talk men who are in a similar situation into sex.

Most people would never know.

Leo DeCaprio seems to be content with it though, for decades now…

Well, back in the bathhouse days, even the talking was optional. Or so I’ve been told…

I volunteer as tribute!

Me first!

I can’t imagine it ever getting boring, but I can see where I’d want to take a night (or two or three) off now and then. Having the opportunity would be awesome - having it be an *obligation *would become onerous pretty quickly.

I recall hearing that Errol Flynn laid claim to having had sex with a colossal number of different women. As regards the age at which he made his claim – someone commented that he must have been either a liar, or a remarkably precocious eleven-year-old.


Now, please respect my privacy. I do not wish to discuss the matter any further.

A gentleman never kisses - er, makes love to a truly staggering number of women - and tells.

When I was a teenager I wished for more pussy than I could handle.

Now I have 6 cats.

Wasn’t he the one (or one of the ones, anyway) who also had a thing for borderline-underage girls, right up until the day he died?