Do fat people have feelings?

The headline is a redherring, because the answer is “Wtf? of course they do!”.

But… do men have feelings?

I learned as a child to Control my feelings, particularly the ones where someone smaller deserves a black eye and a beating don’t end up getting one. I expect other adults to control their feelings and act professionally at all times while at work.

Yet the way lady-workers whine and cry (literally) make snide remarks about each other, natter and chatter all day, and lose their tempers with customers and suppliers and subordinates, flit around ćollecting for irrelevant charities uring worktime, and generally carry on daily in a way in which a dude would get sacked for… it seems that women never have to grow up and act mature and cooperative at work.

I wouldnt hire most of the Ladies Ive ever worked with, no sir.

Should emotionally incontinent women get the sack? I think so. You?
Are you Also bugged by their rubbish attitudes?

Haing said all that, men-scum such as most tradesmen really really suck too BUT the work gets done. See the diff?

That must’ve been a weird thought process that led you to this topic title.

We only have 3 women in our office (Office mgr, Software Architect, developer) but they’re all (well-paid) very competent and professional. Not a hint of the things you speak of.

I’d hire any of them in a heartbeat.

Seems to me your observations may be highly specific.

I think it might be a bad idea to generalize all of womenkind based on a handful of observations you’ve made in your professional life, and it might be a good idea to keep in mind that your observations may very well be colored by confirmation bias - that you’re more likely to notice and remember this sort of behavior in women than in men.

I’m with Gozu; the unprofessional ones where I work are, for the most part, men - there’s me, who is occasionally emotionally unstable (by the way: fat person here, I have TOO MANY feelings); there’s the head of that one department who holds a grudge like nobody’s business… Yeah, no, can’t really corroborate your claims, sorry.

So I guess your answer is - apparently, not.

Here’s my anecdotal evidence:

I’ve worked for four different women - two in the military and two in private industry - and they were outstanding.

I’ve worked with numerous women, and I saw nothing unusual one way or the other in their performance; some were/are great and some were/are not, but then the same can be said for men.

Interestingly, however, most women who have discussed this with me have said that they personally prefer working with men because we were not “catty” etc etc.

Personally I prefer a mixed gender workplace based on what I’ve seen in my thirty-something year work-life.

This is perilously close to an admission of trolling, TASE. It’s something we frown upon here.

I’m closing this. When you start threads in the future, please use descriptive titles.