Do Gangstas and Wannabes 'Round the World Wear Their Pants on the Ground?

Is this how gangstas and wannabe gangstas dress in London? Moscow? Bankok? etc.?

I’ve never seen it in Panama, which has a lot of American cultural influence.

It’s my understanding that in parts of Africa gangsters dress in an amazingly dapper style.

“Pants on the ground” in the US is on its way out, in my experience, in the last few years. Most gangbanger kids who are under thirty wear moderately loose/average pants with perhaps a couple inches of boxer shorts showing at most. It’s not much like the style 10 years ago, where everybody wore pants that were humongous. I live in a 95% black neighborhood in New Orleans and I have had extensive dealings with gang members in Chicago fairly recently.

That sounds much like London. I live in an area frequented by young gang members.

In the 1960s this was in style with surfers on the east coast. The exact same style that I see today, with pants hanging so low the kid has to use one hand to keep them in place. While the style may disappear in one group, it will reappear in another. Teens will wear their pants low as long as it makes adults crazy, which will be forever.

I call those people ‘stringbeans’.

That’s not what I see in New York City. The pants themselves are not huge, but the black guys (and it is always black guys) who sag them have the belts *below *their asses. I see it every day on many guys.

Anyone know how that fad started? A high school kid ran out of gas in front of my house and whil he waited for his friend to rescue him I went over to talk to him. Well, if he didn’t have his hand on his pants to hold them up they would have been “pants around the ankles.”

The only thing I could think of was someone wore hand me pants from a bigger brother who wore a bigger size, and thus the fad started. Any fact to this assumption?

No. The fad supposedly comes from a “just out of the jailhouse” look cultivated by gangbangers. In jail you’re likely to be issued clothes that don’t fit you and may not be issued a belt, so your clothes will look droopy and baggy. Of course, like most fads this one took the look to a ridiculous extreme.

What I see nowadays is young men wearing tight-fitting jeans or pants that they seemingly purposely pull down past their asses in order to “sag”. This shit looks so fucking ridiculous, much worse than the “baggy sag” that preceded the look.

No, I still say they’re emulating an old, dead, banjo-playing White guy.


From what I understand gangs in South America and Mexico are more into average pants not baggy pants or long or big and baggy t-shirts.More into tattoos and tank tops than the baggy look.

In the UK I think it more hoodies and trackpants thing not into big and baggy t-shirts or baggy pants or baggy sweats.

Yeah, i see this around Southern California. Trendy skinny jeans being worn by young homies, butt they sag them for a dose of thug life. Poopy pants.

When I graduated from high school back in 1994 the style for some kids was to wear the pants rather low exposing a few inches of their boxers. Over the years the pants got looser and looser. I’ve seen some kids walking around with their hands firmly on their crotches in an effort to keep their pants for hitting the ground while they walk down the street. I’ve seen others who somehow manage to have a belt situated just below their buttocks walk down the street without their pants falling down. I hope those kids become engineers or something. Over Christmas we got hit hard by snow and several tree limbs fell in everyone’s yards. I got a kick out of watching my neighbor’s kid across the street constantly having to choose between keeping his pants up and moving tree limbs. It was truly comical.

I live in Little Rock so maybe we’re behind the times. The pants aren’t as baggy as they were years ago but they’re still wearing them very low.

Not in SW Ohio. It’s still very much de rigueur here. Very much so.

Yeah there is a trend now for guys to wear "skinny jeans ", which sometimes come straight from the women s department. I do not want to see guys in ass hugger jeans.

I might get flamed for this, but I’m not making excuses for the worst offenders. I’m just saying part of the pants sagging / boxers rising is natural.
I still see guys in pants too low and boxers up. I think a lot of it is due to the fact(s) that

  • guys (often seem to) have no waist,
  • jeans are not supposed to be tight and look disgusting when they “show off” a guys ass
  • boxers have elastic bands
  • jeans do not
  • if you are tall, it is impossible to find jeans your length that don’t have a huge waist in a regular store .
  • even if they remember a belt, it will stretch.
  • the pants get slowly pulled / slide down bc of stuff in the pockets
    -if you are young and skinny, there is nothing on your body to naturally stop the jeans sliding down. If they fit around your waist, they can often slide down and fit around the top of your legs with no difference in tightness along the way.

Thus the jeans slowly fall and the boxers slowly rise. I’ve lived it unintentionally and I am not “ghetto” / a “gangsta.” Yes, I wear a belt and yes my pants fit, but yet I constantly have to hike them up. The belt is already against bone on my hips, it couldn’t comfortably go any tighter. Besides, if the belt is SUPER tight, it gives you an upset stomach. One notch on the belt might be too loose, but the next too tight. Even if you find a perfect notch, the belt gets stretched and now it’s too loose for that notch, but the next one is too tight.

All these factors can lead to low jeans with high boxers w/o a conscious decision taking place, so I think it will continue for a while.

Well, thank the" powers that be" for my Daughter, who is ninteen and at USF and has vowed to never let me dress like and old man and or a douche.

What do you mean can you elaborate on this.

Where in Africa .

Nice one, my daughter turned 21 recently and if I’m dressing to go anywhere I usually check with her that I don’t look like a stupid old douche trying to dress like a stupid kid:p

Australia is usually behind the fashion stakes from overseas. The main ones who were into the baggy pants half way down the arse were the kids who were into hip hop music and trying to copy the look. Seems to have pretty much died out although some still cling on and need to have 3 inches at least of underwear showing above the waist band of the jeans.:rolleyes:

Current fashion for the young ones now is leaning to the skin tight shorts or track pants with a singlet top and thongs (flip flops to you)

Wanna be gangstars still effect the hoodie with the cap.