Do gay men turn you on?

I was wondering, do women find gay men as erotic as most men find lesbians?

Just a silly question, but I would like to know.

Shhh! I told you not to tell anyone!

Seriously, though, I find it hard to believe that women find ONE hairy, lumpy, dangly, grody man attractive, let alone two sets 'o dangly bits.


i do. Watching two guys is a favorite fantasy of mine. I like to imagine two guys I know. Yum!

I’m with lee. Hell, I write the stuff sometimes.

I’m with Falcon and lee. (Hmm…this makes twice this week that I have admitted this on the board…)

Oh, yeah. Definately.

Ummm…Let me think about this a minute! Yes!!! :smiley:

Attractive as individuals? Yes. It’s like having the best parts of both sexes. Erotic? No. However, as a drama queen, a lover of all things girly, I tend to have a lot in common with the femmes. Especially the drag queens. But I don’t find them especially erotic.

Gay men always turn me on. DUH!


I think two hot men kissing is definately as erotic as two hot girls kissing. Hell, I watch OZ for the occasional kiss between Keller and Beecher (among other reasons).

Count me in. Funny - I’m surprised to see so many women agreeing with this. Most women I know IRL tell me I’m nuts. But damn, I’d love to watch a couple gay guys get it on. What fun!

No, not really, but that doesn’t mean I disaprove of gays.
It just doesn’t float my boat, that’s all.
Maybe because I’m not into the whole threesome thing…


More appropriate answer to OP: Yes. I’m on a mailing list with several dozen female Star Trek fans who write slash: erotic same-sex fan fiction, almost exclusively written by women.

I’ve been turned on by individual gay men, and I’ve imagined sharing two guys, but I never actually took it to the next level and imagined watching two men get it on.

It’s an intriguing concept. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be adverse to the experience. But, I honestly couldn’t say how erotic I’d find it. I can’t imagine why two gay men would want a straight woman watching them in an intimate setting, though, so I don’t think I’m likely to find out what my arousal level might be any time soon.

Yep. I regularly read erotic slash. The angst-ridden gut-wrenching romantic ones are my favorites. :slight_smile:


Yes! YES! But in videos they have to be cute and trim. Crew cuts, shaven heads, grotesque muscles, nasty tattoos - yuck! And nothing ugly or violent. Passionate, romantic stuff, not totally unlike that between men/women, is a nice change of viewing pleasure. Same with reading material, here I can handle a bit more kinky/violent stuff. I like to read the boy/boy stuff on Interesting and informative, not to mention titillating! As time goes on, I find myself more often bored than not with women and their breasts and thighs, like so many chicken parts, jiggling away.


I do not find gay men erotic. In my life I know gay men, and I find them to be wonderful men, or jerks, or men I feel neutral about. Pretty much the same as heterosexual men, I value them or don’t value them as people, not as any kind of gender or whatever. But, I don’t find them erotic.

I guess this is kind of interesting to me, because I can’t see how a person would feel erotic about someone who had no interest in them sexually.

Most likely, I am once again missing something.

Scotti sighs, once again.

Wow, I thought that this thread had died a long time ago.
I kinda forgot wht I started it in the first place.

Just pictured Daniel Day-Lewis and Tom Cruise together. And it just made me go “ick.”

I agree with Scotti.

The thought of a couple of guys going at it does nothing for me… Anyway, I’m not much on spectator sports - I wanna be in the game myself!