Do girls write on bathroom stalls?

I know this is a hard question to answer since, I presume, few people frequent the bathroom stalls of the other sex, therefore, few women may know the prominence of writing on bathroom stall walls in any building frequented by males of less than 30 years of age.

So do women do it too? If so, what do they write. I presume it’s not, “Here I sat, brokenhearted, tried to shit, but only farted.” Or, “For good head call…”

I could be wrong.

If you believe, not only do girls write on the bathroom stalls, but sometimes they use a writing instrument that boys don’t have, starting with a T and ending with an X.

You are wrong… But that’s okay, you aren’t to know :slight_smile:

The “Here I sit…” rhyme is a perennial favourite in the bathrooms around Adelaide, South Australia. So is “I love <boy’s name>, yes I do. He’s for me and not for you. If you try to take my place, I’ll rearrange your fucking face”. I’ve also seen such other wonderful snippets such as “Such and such is a fat slut” and “Blah blah is a lesbian” (usually followed by - “you would know, you fucked her”). There’s also smatterings of “Girly 4 Boy” or “Chick <hearts> Dude”.

Though I’ve never seen a “for a good time call…”, come to think of it.

About the only difference is the much lower occurrence of “tags”. Incidentally and oddly- the girls room is often messier than the boys room, even though women usually keep their home bathroom cleaner than men do.

Yes they do. I discovered this when I was managing a band. I quickly press ganged the “groupies” into leaving obscene graffiti about the band whereever they performed.

I think the idea of “for a good time call…” is for a guy to subject a girl he hates to sexual harrassment, hoping that horny guys will call her up at random hours and proposition her.

The reverse–trying to harrass a guy by having horny women call him up unexpectedly and proposition him for sex–might be a less effective means of vengeance.


Yup. I once had the pleasure of using a stall where everything was labelled with a Sharpie marker. The walls had “wall” written on them, the floor had “floor”, the toilet buttons were labelled “push for pees” and “push for poos” and the seat said “sit here”. You know, in case I forgot.

Toilet… buttons? More than one button? :confused:

I’ve seen some very amusing graffiti in bathrooms, but my favorite stall of all is on the third (I think) floor of the UT Classics building, ladies’ room, the stall nearest the door inside. On the right side, the wall is tiled and the graffiti has been written into the grout. Apparently nobody’s bothered to scrub the grout in about 40 years, because the messages there purport to be at least that old – things like “April 14 1956 – sunny and hot”. One of my favorites said something like:

For several years, I cleaned restrooms in a factory. Writing on the women’s room walls was extremely unusual, and it was routine in the men’s rooms. The women wrote mostly things like “I’m so tired.” or “This place is crazy.” There were only two times I saw any writing about men; oddly, both men were black supervisors. (I’ll change the names.) One wall said, “Clint Buick is gay.” It was followed by a lively argument between that position and women who claimed to have personally disproved it.:rolleyes:

The other one was a “For a good time, call (number) and ask for Paul.” I looked it up after I scrubbed it off the wall; it was his office number. I told him about it the next day. He laughed, and he hinted he knew who wrote it. He didn’t say if it got him any action.

I always figured the guys who wrote, “For good head…” were doing it for vicious reasons. However, one guy told me he called a couple of those numbers, and he had a real good time.

Huh, I’ve never actually seen any of the 867-5309 style graffiti in men’s rooms, either. Then again, the public restrooms I frequent most often are mostly adorned with friendly insult-contests between the mathematicians, phycicists, and engineers, so it’s possible my sample isn’t representative. I did once see the “Here I sit…” doggerel at a Boy Scout camp, and actually thought at the time that it was a reasonably clever bit of rhyme.

They certainly do at Lucky 13 in San Francisco.

Odd that this is the third time I’ve linked to this today on the SDMB…

Tippex? I don’t get it.


Ah, I see that you apparently call correction fluid “Wite-Out” in the US. Back to the drawing board.

The Australian toilets I’ve seen have one button for a “half flush” (for pee) and one for a full flush (for poo). The idea is to conserve water when possible.

Starts with T, ends with X would be Tampax, as in the brand of tampons. I’ll leave the writing dynamics to your imagination. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always used to see lots of “I love Joe!” and Amy + Andrew=TLF

The most amusing thing was a little poem written near all these declarations of love: “Give your guy a little class-don’t write his name where you wipe your ass.”

Mmmmmm. Performing groupies.


The ones I see now don’t have much, but in college they used to be covered with writing. It was sort of like a giant Ann Landers column; I remember one for example where a girl had written a whole paragraph about how she didn’t bleed when she slept with her boyfriend the first time, and he was mad because he didn’t believe that she was a virgin. The answers were about what you would expect if the same thing had been posted here. Or else there would be some discussion about some issue, like feminism or abortion or whatever.

Kind of a message board before the WWW came along, I guess. It made for some interesting reading, anyway.

We sure do. I’ve seen a girl asking for relationship advice, similar to what dangermom mentions (the response was basically “dump his ass!”) a list of people’s New Year’s resolutions, complaints about men, The Man, religion, and the government, and advice from one writer to ignore the media, pick up a copy of the Quran, and convert to Islam. :confused:

You know, I’ve been trying to figure out why public toilets here have “buttons”… Less like a buttons though as a large, oval shaped button bisected in half. Could never figure out why, and now I know…

Neither are ever labeled though - is there some standard for which side is which?

At my old high school, the restrooms were always located near a set of double doors. The boys room was always the one closest to the double doors. Except for one set of restrooms. My first clue that I was in the wrong one was when, mid-dump, I glanced at the wall next to me and read, “I love it when my boyfriend licks my pussy.”

Not only do girls write smut on the bathroom walls, they write a much better class of smut than us guys. Once, when I was in the army, I went to use a toilet in a part of the base that had recently been used by female recruits. The stuff they wrote about their (largely female) officers and sergeants… wow. Sappho would blush.