Do girls write on bathroom stalls?

There is normally some kind of indication, sometimes quite subtle. The full-flush button might be fully covered in a cross-hatch pattern and the half-flush might be only half cross-hatched.

In all the toilets I’ve seen, the full-flush button was bigger than the half-flush button.

Or the button may not be bisected exactly in half. The smaller half will usually represent the half-flush. In default of any obvious sign I think the left hand button generally designates the half-flush.

They still do that, at least where I went to school. Most of the graffiti formed a sort of dialogue, like so:

“God, I’m so horny.”
“Ha! My boyfriend fucked me last night until I screamed.”
“You are one repressed bitch. You probably dream about sucking cocks all night. That’s what’s wrong with Korean society. Everyone says sex is dirty but deep down they’re all just horny. Bunch of hypocrites.”

And then it turns into this huge scribbled discussion about how Koreans are severely repressed when it comes to sex, vs how debauched we have become under the influence of Western morals (or lack thereof). Incidentally, my friend once commented that the length of the graffiti in girls’ bathrooms could be used as evidence that a large portion of the Korean female population suffered from constipation.

At one of the schools I attended the bathroom walls were painted over so much some one wrote "This wall is in its third printing.
The kind of writing I like is when some answers. My favoret is from an army base in Viet Nam

I can not relate to the Viet Namese

Dont relate, screw them

But what if if get VD

Only half have VD, the rest have TB

So only screw the ones that cough

Spelling and grammer subject to change without notice

According to this widely reported-in-the-online-gossip-blogs story, *Lindsay Lohan ** likes to write things on bathroom stalls such as 'Scarlett is a cunt,’ referring to Scarlett Johanssen. Scroll down in the linked article for link to a photo of said bathroom wall writing.

Or do a Google search on ‘Lindsay Lohan sharpie wall.’

How entertaining!

My favorite was at the University of California Santa Cruz in Kresge; a long discussion about relationships ended with the plaint, “All this talk about men and women. What about the rest of us?”