Do I Bring Flowers For This?

Second try, you locked my first one, why???

Anyway this is an etiquette question and I know y’all know all kinds of shit about etiquette, right?

Recently my former football coach (whom I thought a lot of, being that he developed a soft spot in his heart for a little German kid who didn’t know what that funny ball was for and who only knew a few words in English) died and I only found out about the funeral after the fact.

I am meeting with his widow next Wednesday to reminisce, and I am wearing a suit and tie for the occasion.

(Not for her, but for Coach)

Is there anything else I need to do?



Flowers would be a nice gesture, but I don’t think any sort of gift is required in this situation.

Maybe you should find out if your coach has a memorial fund you can contribute to. She would get a notice about that. (FWIW my husband’s parents were both teachers and they have a scholarship fund in their names. We get notices if people contribute to it)

I observed that a number of threads were locked, without any visible OP, around the time the server went toes-up, around 4:30 p.m. CDST. No idea why, but you definitely weren’t alone.

No, there’s no need to bring flowers. You donate flowers to the actual funeral, but since that’s past…

Taking her a cheery bouquet, would be a nice gesture. Flowers for her, not funeral flowers.
You can ask her while you’re there if there is a memorial fund.