Do I deserve a medal?

After smoking cigarettes for 16 years (yes, I started when I was 12!), I quit almost four weeks ago.

I quit “cold turkey” (without drugs, patches, gum, etc) and somehow feel I’m entitled to an extra special willpower medal. :wink:

Does anyone know the odds of never smoking again based on what method is used to quit?

What worked for the now non-smoking Dopers?

Please share your inspirational stories of accomplishment.

(Mods, if you want to move to IMHO or GQ, please go ahead but I thought this was mostly MPSIMS)

Well, I don’t have a medal, but I can always

::runs naked through thread::

[sub]That may or may not be a good thing. Feel free to mentally add or subtract various bodyparts as you see fit.[/sub]

Thanks for the streak!!

::adding adding adding adding adding::

What new bodyparts should I expect to find next time I look in a mirror?

Uhhhh, feet?

Of course you deserve a medal, dear . . . But you neglected to tell everyone the “giving up smoking” part that will turn everyone against you like a pack of villagers with flaming torches: you actually LOST WEIGHT!

Eve, SHHHHH!!! :o

Speaking of various body parts… I wouldn’t mind a few extra “feet”.

Anyway, gratz on quitting SaxFace. :slight_smile:

A good leg and a good foot, I always say:D

Simetra, thanks!

Iampunha, a good leg and a good foot are all that matter!

May I run through this thread naked as well, or is that punha specific?

Medea’s Child: Of course you can streak through this thread, but only if you’re SMOKIN’!

Saxface, I always know I’m in doper company when someone gets that joke!

Of course you may! In fact, I INSIST!

[sub]Okay, how pathetic can I be before you kick me in the head?[/sub]