Do I have to replace my monitor?

My monitor looks like it has shaded bars flickering down the screen…Is there anything I can do to fix it, or is it dead?


Are you certain that it’s your monitor with the problem? Cables and video cards can get damaged and cause similar symptoms.

Sounds more like a Sync problem, try changing the refresh rate.

It could also be interference form something electrical eg another monitor or a TV. Try switching off things around it.

To be really sure, you need to try another monitor on the PC and try your monitor on another PC. That way you get to see if it’s the surroundings, PC or monitor that’s at fault.

Ok, will test…tomorrow! I’m going home.

Have you tried degaussing?

Also make sure the power cable for the monitor is not entwined with the video cable. Trust, that can cause some freaky graphics on your screen.

I have a monitor problem as well, and rather than starting a new thread, I’ll just ask here.

MY mothers monitor seems to have crapped out… Whenever you turm it on, there is only a very small bar of that goes across the screen. You can see the “Color Testing” box, when it is not plugged into the pc, and when it is plugged in, you can see that small bar, with portions of text. I don’t know if this is a common problem, but I would like to check before she has to buy a new one.

I like to unplug any appliance for a full minute then plug back in, this resets it.

Anyway, new monitors in the US, after rebate for a 17" are around $80.00 …Alot cheaper
than they were when you got those.

Could it be that the shape of the picture has been adjusted to this extreme? Have you tried using the monitor’s controls to stretch the picture to its correct shape?

you may want to see whats plugged in along with your monitor. I had a fan across the room that was plugged into the same strip as my monitor and whenever it was on I got the most messed up display from the electrical interferance.

While we’re on the subject, my monitor likes to make noise at lower refresh rates and resolutions… I think its getting worse and its annoying as all hell.

If you have more than one computer system available to you, my favorite test is to swap parts and see if the problem stays with the part or stays with the computer. For example:

  1. Swap monitors. If the problem stays with the monitor, it’s a pretty good bet the the monitor’s going bad. If not, put the monitors back on their original systems and…

  2. swap monitor cables. If the problem stays with the cable, it’s a pretty good bet that you have a bad cable. If not, then the problem’s ether with the adapter or the computer - and since most monitor adapters these days are integrated into the system board, that means the problem’s with the computer.

Note that it’s not at all uncommon for the problem to go away entirely during this process - that’s usually a sign that it was just a connection that was going bad.