Do I need a thin wire rack to make brown suger bacon?

I have one of these, (Broiler rack) will that not work?

Or does it have to be a thin wire rack like this?

That’s brown sugar by the way… :smack:

I have been making it for decades and have never used a rack, just placed them on a non-stick-coated roasting pan. If the bacon doesn’t ordinarily stick to the broiler rack that you want to use, it should be fine for the brown sugar bacon too. Just make sure that the sugar is only going on the top of the bacon, not the bottom of it, where it would glue itself to the pan.

Never tried it on the broiler rack, but if you want it on both sides you kinda need a rack to minimized the contact so the sugar sticks to the bacon and not the pan.

Btw its called Candied Bacon.

and if you want to die young and happy scrape the crusty brown sugar off the bottom of the pan after you are done cooking it and put it on ice cream, or dont.

Also known as pig candy.

I’d think you could use the broiler pan rather than a cookie cooling rack. The point of the rack is to let the rendered grease drain away, and the broiler pan will accomplish that. Sticking is your major worry with the larger surface area though.

There’s also a sort of non-stick aluminum foil out now- you could try a sheet of that on top with slits cut into it if you want to make sure it doesn’t stick.