Do I see someone named TubaDiva?

Hi, TubaDiva! Remember me? I was a reg here. My name was time4atrim. I thought I’d come back and see if I recognize anyone. Anyone else remember me?

… since I have CRS! :slight_smile:

But welcome back and if you see TubaDiva, give her a big ol’ holiday :):):slight_smile: from her pal Quasi, willya?:wink:



Just a friendly warning, technically you’re a sock, so they’ll likely insist on you using your original login, if it can be found and activated.

it’s been over 7 years, si I’m not too worried.

Are you MaryAnnQ?

User #273. You’re an oldie all right!

Nonetheless, we have a one-account-per-person rule that we take pretty seriously, so i recommend that you contact TubaDiva ASAP to get this straightened out.

Send me an email and let’s get caught up – tell me what screen name you want to use and we’ll get you all merged up properly.

And welcome back!

If you’re who I think you are, that was your old AOL name, and your post-AOL identity was this person.

And if I’m totally offbase on this. . . nevermind.