Do Krystals = White Castles (burgers)

Going to I noticed the burgers look like the kind at White Castle. Are they the same?

Do Krystals and White Castle over lap in any cities?

What is the SD with this?

Being in the South, Krystal restaurants abound. I have seen frozen White Castle hamburgers in grocery stores and the two seem to be pretty close. White Castle started about 7-8 years before Krystal, though.

Almost, but not quite. The White Castles have 5 holes in the patty, and they always have onions. I’ve found the meat to be better in the Castles as well.

Krystal has something which no White Castle (at least around here) has which somehow makes the burger about a million percent better: Mustard.

Originally, Krystals were a small ball of meat that was fried flat, like you would a regular burger. White Castle has always used the onion steaming process, which is why they have the holes. Krystal pattys are now preformed, but they’re still fried the same way. They always have mustard, where White Castles will always have onions. Personally, I feel White Castles are proof of a just world, where Krystals are just ok. Kinda soy tasting to me. They remind me of public school hamburgers.

I’ve never seen a White Castle down here in GA… nor a Krystal’s in NJ… But I agree with most of the previous posters, White Castle does taste better to me… Personally, I think the mustard ruins the little burgers due to their strong flavor that seems to overwhelm the burger. I like my burgers meaty. :slight_smile: And I think White Castle has a bigger menu… chicken fingers, mozerella sticks, etc.

I’ve never had eaten at White Castle, and rarely at Krystal.

But I know the restaurants overlap a bit, or they did when I lived in Nashville. Not much - there was one White Castle (that I knew of) and many Krystals. I’ve never seen any overlap anyplace else.

Nashville(or Murfreesboro, to get technical) is as far south as White Castle goes. Can you tell I like em?

Overlap of White Castle and Krystal abounds here in Kentucky. I’ve been to the White Castles in Lexington and Frankfort, and I’m familiar with the Krystals in Georgetown and Mount Sterling (my hometown). I’ve yet to see a White Castle east of Lexington but I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered Krystals in the western part of the state.

Here’s the rundown for the Bluegrass State:

White Castles in Kentucky (28 total)-Covington (2), Erlanger, Florence, Newport (2), Richwood, Elizabethtown, Frankfort, Jeffersontown, Lexington (2), Louisville (13), Radcliff, Shepherdsville, Bowling Green

Krystal in Kentucky (14 total)-Georgetown, Somerset, Richmond, Mt. Sterling, London, Corbin, Monticello, Williamsburg, Pikeville, Neon, Harlan, Glasgow, Bowling Green (2). Interestingly, all of the Krystals are located in small towns and the far majority are in Eastern Kentucky.

Only Bowling Green is home to both.

White Castle was formed in 1921 in Witchita, Kansas (although the small chain of hamburger stands that became White Castle was started in 1916 without a name or corporate structure, but with the “Buy 'em by the Sack” slogan). Krystal’s was formed in October of 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a direct impersonator of White Castle. They even based their restaurant look, menu, and corporate style on White Castle. The burgers at Krystal’s are (were) based directly on White Castle’s burgers at the time. White Castle’s five holes (or “perforated meat” according to company documents) were originally suggested in 1947 to allow faster and more thorough cooking, but they weren’t put into the burgers until 1951 to help reduce the patty’s size from 1 ounce to 8/10 ounce to save money (beef shortages were causing prices to jump at that time). The holes have since became a White Castle trademark. So the burgers (and restaurants) are closely related as compared with Micky D’s or BK’s.

You found meat in WC haburgers, where, how?!?!

Under the pickle.