Do larger women have deeper vaginas?

Inspired by this thread , I began to wonder. Now it is to the point that I am willing to ask a truly stupid question (regardless of what my first grade teacher said). I would also appreciate any posters not posting Spinal Tap lyrics until the question has been answered.

I would assume the depth of the vagina varies woman to woman, so would a baseline have to be taken and then another measurement made as the woman gains or loses weight?

Any ideas?

SSG Schwartz

I know some dimension of the vagina changes with weight. If you use a diaphragm for contraception, you’re supposed to get the fit re-evaluated if you gain or lose more than 10 pounds.

Thanks, Chief, but is one of the dimensions that changes depth, or is it that the penetration depth is changed because the belly gets in the way?

SSG Schwartz

In my high wire days, I was with a number of women.

Larger women (Size, not weight) have a greater depth. With one "smaller"woman, I commented that I could feel her diaphram at the end of my unit.
Not bragging, just saying


Well, like I’ve said in the previous post, I am just under 5’ 9" and overweight. Twice, I’ve been told that I have exceptionally tight vaginal walls. That is, um, by qualified doctors. Once, the doctor mentioned that I had a very long vaginal vault.

Really, about that only way to measure such things is to stick something up there, and I’ve found that unless it’s in highly romantic circumstances, I really don’t enjoy it all that much.

Er, did you say “thank you”?

I just read your post in the other thread. Thanks for your input, but only by field research can we truly fight ignorance. So how does wine, roses, a bathroom scale, and a tape measure sound?

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Don’t forget the thermometer.

Uh… in what order? And the roses are for atmosphere, right?

And, Kneepants, by the time she was done, I wanted her bludgeoned to death and her corpse fed to the dogs in the street as a warning to others. Do not compliment a woman in that manner and then call for the “extra large” speculum.

Wine first, always wine first, then roses with the thorns plucked and waxed, for atmosphere of course, heh, heh, heh. You will then step on the scale to the sounds of the Velvet Fog, finally, a tape measure will be used.

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To step on a bathroom scale in front of a man, I would have to be well and truly drunk.

Ok, how about this: I sweep you into my arms, and then I step on the bathroom scale. Then, shortly after I set you down, I discreetly step onto the scale by myself. Drunkenness on your part is optional.


Sounds like something taken from Smoove B’s repertoire.

And the chocolates, don’t forget the chocolates

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Well, since it is for science…take me!

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