Do lesbians enjoy penetration?

I recently talked to a lesbian friend, and she said that she enjoys manual and oral stimulation, but if she wanted penetration, she would have stayed straight. Is this common? I know the porn films are generally not accurate, but in most, you see the strap on come out at some point.

Do you use a phallic item? Do you prefer it? Or do you prefer not to have anything inserted for good lovemaking?

This seems like a poll, so this seems like the place to put it.

Sgt Schwartz

I’m not a lesbian but I’ve known some. Some like dildos, some don’t. Just like all people don’t like oral or anal or whatever else.

They love penetration, but not with a man attached to the penetrator.

Almost every lesbian I know owns and uses a dildo on a semi-regular basis. It makes sense. Penetration doesn’t have to be a gender thing… it just feels good.

Wasn’t Susie Bright once quoted saying (with respect to lesbians and dildos): “Penetration is only as heterosexual as kissing”…?

So whatever floats your boat whether your gay, straight, or bi. You do whatever feels good.

ETA: I think the quote had something to do with lesbian-feminism and the use of dildos, but I really have no clue. (I should leave my sister’s old textbooks alone).

It depends on the lesbian.

Shoshana, lesbian

Ooh. I wish I could point you to something mindbending on the site I work for, but it goes so far beyond NSFW that I really shouldn’t. I’ll try to get around it like this:

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You can make it safe for the SDMB but easier than that!

I like Sgt Schwartz a lot, so I’ll go easy on him, but why wouldn’t this make sense? What, is every lesbian cut from the same mold? I’ll make one small modification to Shoshana’s comment and say, it depends on the individual.

This is harder than the “13 d i a b d” puzzle…

Everything you need to know about the subject is covered in Chasing Amy.

If you go to the website in question (it’s freely explorable) you will be able to figure out what order the words go in.

You go to most adult video stores, and there’s a whole lot of strap on dildos for sale. Somebody’s buying them, and I have trouble believing that the majority of them are being sold to straight girls for use on their straight boyfriends.

Also, I’d like to commend GuanoLad on his excellent work. That’s a damn fine website you work for, sir.

Thank you, Anaamika, and I actually don’t approve of generalizations. That is how prejudices are formed, but I was interested to find if this was a generalization, and was trying to learn.

No offense intended.

Sgt Schwartz

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The chick sitting in the background looks bored.

I feel the overwhelming urge to write a script, that will reply to threads with titles fitting the expression “Do <members of group> enjoy <sexual act>?” with “Some do, some don’t.”

You’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?

Some programmers do… some programmers don’t.

I think the bigger question is why don’t more hetro guys break down and admit to the pleasure of being penetrated.

Some lesbians like penatation. Some gay guys don’t. Some hetero chicks arn’t that into penetration but it’s expected. Some straight guys won’t admit to it. But what the helll.

Feelsl good to me. Others are missing out.