Do Mangos make sexual fluids taste better? (Obviously, adult material)

Kiddies, stay away. This here’s stuff that you’re not allowed to know 'til you’re older.

Anyhoo, a while back, I came across - through the good ol’ chain of gossippy, often-false communication known as High School - a tidbit of information: Eating mangos makes the semenal and vaginal fluids taste better. Now, I checked Snopes, and made a quick Google search, but didn’t find anything interesting. Since this is a subject that’s of the utmost of import to mankind, I bring it to the Teeming Millions… will mangos make your secreted-in-the-throes-of-orgasm fluids taste not-so-salty, or is this just a rumor that a bunch of horny teenagers came up with in an attempt to get a couple extra BJ’s?

Can’t answer the OP, but a related item (which I thought this was going to be about), I dated a girl who broke out in a rash when the Mango was applied directly to her…Wu-woo…in an attempt to make it taste better. This happened twice so we know it was the mango.
General warning FWIW.

can’t say i know the answer to your question either, but here’s a similar “fact” i heard from i guy i used to work with. he claimed he never ate red meat at his girlfriend’s request, since no red meat=less salty semen. it says a lot about my priorities that i wasn’t willing to even try this. give up red meat?? ha! just aint worth it.

I believe tests are in order. I will purchase an obscene amount of mangoes and consume them. Now, all I need is some test subjects. Volunteers anyone?

I don’t know the answer to this either, however it sort of seems to kinda maybe a bit make sense… if you change your diet, it would seem to me that the exact chemical composition of body fluids would change…

I was about to volunteer to test this scientifically (eat a bunch o’ mangos, go out and get as many BJs as possible, have the various women fill out a taste survey, and report back here…) but it just occurred to me: where the hell am I going to find a mango in Korea?:confused:

Well, there are plenty of mangos here in Hawaii, and I eat a fair percentage of them.

::waits for the wimmens to line up::

Why am I humming “Mango” by David Wilcox?

::When you loooove somebody and they dick you around, doesn’t that reeeeeeeally suck::

There are dieatery supplement pills available which claim to do this <cough>, apparently (so I’ve been told) :o

I can’t vouch for mangos specifically, but what you eat/drink does affect the taste.

Excess beer makes semen taste pretty blecchy, while pineapple juice is one I’ve noted that makes it taste much sweeter.

SPOOFE did you never see the movie Last Mango in Paris?

Here’s a link to the aforementioned pills:

Has anybody tried something like this and care to share your experiences or results?

No no you have it backwards. But there is a wonderful way to make MANGOS taste better. :slight_smile:


I know for sure that handling raw onion does it to me.
When I worked in fast food, I would reek of onion for DAYS if had to peel and cut them. Sweat and ALL other bodily fluids. ICK!
Even the small amounts I use at home will do it.

Now I’m single, so it doesn’t matter as much!

i don’t have any answers, but the way i heard this was from an Amanda Peet movie a year or two ago called “Whipped” but they said it was pineapple juice. this could quite possibly be a UL started from the movie, but the guy in the movie said he read it in some woman’s magazine, which sounds very plausible in real life. it makes sense, so i assume it must have been started before the movie. the movie did, though, garner the legend a whole lot of attention, thus you hear about it today.

Why did this conjure up an image of a mango and semen frappe in my mind?

I feel so dirty. Ick.

I had eaten a mango the day before I got eaten…and afterward the young man says “…and I can tell you like mangoes!” He was no where near me the previous day nor had I told him anything about what I’d eaten that day or day before or my fave foods…coincidence?? I think not!!

I’m not in the habit of raising zombie threads, but since SWIM just did, and since what’s done is done, I’ll throw this in:

How widely is it known that mangoes are poisonous? And can turn one into a Zombie?

There’s some truth in that, as dear departed warmgun implies. Some people are allergic to mangoes. Some people are seriously dangerously deathly allergic to mangoes! From what I’ve heard, it’s something in the skin of mangoes that does this, and allergic persons need only peel them – that is, get somebody else to peel them, leaving no trace of the skin. The merest contact with any mango skin is apparently sufficient to do some people in.

Source: I lived in Hawaii, where mangoes grow everywhere, and ripe mangoes in season cover the sidewalks where people step on them, and the smushed-up mangoes just lie there and rot all over the sidewalks until the whole neighborhood is one foul cesspool of rotted mangoes all over the streets and sidewalks. (True story.) Since mangoes are such dietary staples in Hawaii, it’s well known in the Islands that some people are deathly allergic to them. (I have a cousin who is one such.)

Moral of the story: If you don’t know how you react to mangoes, be careful if you want to experiment with the OP’s hypothesis – as warmgun found out.

I’ve been drinking mango margaritas the last few nights. I just ran out so I’ll need a test subject fast.