What do women taste like?

Y’know, “down there”. In the vulvular region. Pussyville. The fish taco. Vajayjayland.

I’ve tasted enough semen to have a pretty good idea that, while it varies between men (and a man’s own varies with diet), there’s still a general “semen” taste. Salty, tangy, sometimes spicy.

Is there a generalization you can make about women’s fluids? Does it change depending on her diet or level of excitement? Does it change after she orgasms?

Tangy, like touching your tongue to a weak 9-volt battery.

Ive read that men tend to be more alkaline in their fluids, and women more acidic. I’ve not tasted semen, but I can attest that all the women I’ve tasted were at least a little sour…not like drinking pickle brine, but you get the idea.


If you really want to know, there are ways to find out. Wonderful ways.

[there is significant variation, I’ll tell you that much. The rest you need to discover on your own]

Alas, I’m in a monogamous relationship now (with a man), so personal experience is out.

Variation was really what I was wondering. I have an inkling of what* I *taste like, although not first…uh…tongue, but I’ve only performed oral on a couple of other women. My sample size is too small to generalize from, and most of my mental capacity at the time was taken up with, “OMG! I hope I’m doing this right! I probably suck at this, like a 15 year old with no experience whatsoever!” :smiley:

Yeah and honestly, there can be significant variation even in the same woman depending on where she is in her monthly cycle. My ex had a somewhat mild but flavorful taste that I found quite pleasant most of the time, but when she was close to menstruation it got quite a lot stronger and not quite as appetizing.

And I find that post coitus the taste is more acidic, and not nearly as pleasant. Then again, that may be because my “interest” has waned by that point.

My friend told me that it tastes like Annie’s Goddess dressing. So if you’re monogamous and can’t go find out yourself I recommend trying that.

You could always taste your own.

See Post #6

I would point out the possibility that any woman you are tasting might, just might, taste familiar to you . . .

This is awesome. I had no idea.

Me neither!

That would take years of yoga lessons, wouldn’t it?

I suddenly feel very powerful!

If you taste fish, you’re probably in line for some flagyl. Seriously. Such a smell/taste is NOT natural, but an indication of an all-too-common infection. Get it taken care of, for your own sake, if you want me that close again.

A healty woman doesn’t have any taste other than that self-imposed by perfumic substances.

Honestly I eat my wifes VAGINA every time we bang and I can tell you the taste is not something I enjoy, but I don’t actively dislike it. In fact as she gets wetter the taste pretty much disappears all together.

The fact of the matter is that when you go down, if you are doing it right, you aren’t “entering the cave” with your tongue. The “area of action” is the clit and there is little to no fluid there.

I took it from that post that she had second…um…tongue knowledge from kissing someone who had recently been in the area. But there are more direct ways of tasting if she is interested… ones that don’t necessarily include yoga lessons, but maybe some other objects/digits that wouldn’t contaminate the specimen so to speak.

That’s because you’re mixing it with your own spit, which doesn’t taste like much.