What do penises taste like?

Seeing as I’ve never had the ah, pleasure, of giving a blowjob or having a penis anywhere near my mouth, I got to wondering what exactly the experience is like. And since it probably wouldn’t be prudent to say to a guy “I wonder what it’s like to have a penis in your mouth”, I turn to you wise dopers who have more knowledge in this area.

So, what exactly do penises taste like? I would imagine the taste is fleshy, but that’s just a WAG.

Fire away, if you would.

Wrap a banana in a slice of ham and check it out.

I don’t know but I assume that a clean one cannot taste too differently from an elbow or any other piece of skin which is what it is.

I’ll add slightly musky, from being in that area in general, and if you’re giving more than a cursory lick, you’ll get some of the slightly sweet and salty precum mixed in with the experience. Other than that, very much like skin. I would guess that lips are the closest match as far as taste.

have you ever tried to get your elbow in your mouth? And if you think it tastes like ham you have been hanging with the wrong crowd.

Probably so, but not quite it either.

I’ll add that it also depends upon what the man has been doing lately. Gents, please make sure to get all the soap off if you are showering just before being tasted.

Most of us can’t get our penis in our mouth either.

Basically, unless they’ve been recently cleaned, they each tend to have a distinctive taste. There’s usually a certain amount of sweat, so there’s a somewhat salty, musky taste; and uncircumsized penises can have an additional flavor from smegma. And if there’s been a recent orgasm, that taste and aroma (a little like bleach) can also be present.

And some of them taste like wherever they’ve been. :eek:

Kind of mushroomy. What, just me?

When I was a wee lass, my mom told me that if I kissed my elbow, I’d change sexes and become a boy. So if you’re a guy and you succeed in tasting your elbow, you may indeed be well on your way to finding out what a penis tastes like!

Uh, it tastes like skin.

I’ve been blessed to have considerate partners who believe in hygiene. So penises, to me, simply taste like smooth, clean skin, with a bit of non-unpleasant muskiness emanating from the testicular region, and a hint of soap. Very nice.

Actually, I asked my partner what my penis tastes like, and his answer was, “After the first several seconds, it tastes like my own saliva.”

Cock? Tastes like chicken.



They’re delicious! I like them with a little barbecue sauce. Lip-smackin’!

Or chocolate sauce. Real whipped cream is preferable, (Cool Whip gets gooey and sticks to pubes - not really fun), and citrus is not recommended.

Dry rub or white sauce?

Hot sauce is also a bad choice.

I’d agree with this. If your man’s thingy has some sort of permeating taste, then it’s time to escort him to the shower.

Semen tastes like that super-salty soup you get at Chinese restaurants IMHO.

Thanks, um, Zipper. I love that soup. Or rather, I used to.

I was told semen tastes like sweet and salty snot.