Do movie trailer narrators still exist?

I was just watching something recent that was making fun of “Movie trailer voice guy” and the whole IN A WORLD ONE MAN STEPS UP TO THE CHALLENGE cliche speech but it made me realize, isn’t that pretty much a dead concept?

Every single trailer I’ve seen for the past decade either has all the narration done via out-of-context in-movie dialog, or more rarely has a character from the movie narrate in the first person. Every single time I’ve heard an unrelated person (almost always a man with a deep voice) narrate in the past decade has been in the parody role.

Well Don La Fontaine is dead. And that whole “in a world” thing was his schtick.

ETA: Significant quote from wiki…

“After his death, voice-overs in film trailers became rare, with most trailers now relying on music, sound effects, and dialogue taken from the film.”

It started before his death, though. As far as I can tell, trailer voice overs started disappearing in the late 1990s. Jurassic Park (1993) and Braveheart (1995) both had VO; The Phantom Menace and The Matrix (both 1999) didn’t. Independence Day (1996) may have been the watershed moment - the film was lauded for its innovative marketing campaign, and IIRC, its trailers didn’t have VO.

The movie In a World… takes a fictional look at this fading industry. There must be a whole generation that has no notion of the voiceover era.

I can’t think of movie trailer voice-overs, without thinking of this promo for the Jerry Seinfeld film “Comedian”:

I think a big factor is that audiences didn’t need to get up to speed on the type of fantasy film that required the “In a world” and the like People are used to seeing strange worlds or situations in movies, so there’s no need to bring up the fact.

Note that most classic Hollywood trailers didn’t have narrators; they used text.

This Youtube video explains why the movie trailer voiceover disappeared:

TL;DW: When Don LaFontaine died, trailer voiceovers were already on the way out. His unfortunate demise simply accelerated a trend. A shift to established franchises like Harry Potter and Marvel meant that audiences were already familiar with the material, lessening the need for introductions from the voiceover guy. Plus, with on-demand streaming, viewers could watch the trailers over and over, again lessening the need for voiceover guy to set the scene. Trailers nowadays use dialog from the film or have the actors record new dialog specifically for the trailer.

I immediately thought of that when I saw the thread, and was hoping someone had linked to it.

That narration really feels like a bygone era… “In a time… when movies strived to be films, and films needed to be… tremendous.” [/LaFontaineVoice]
I started searching for trailers with voice-over, and they really do seem like another era, where movies need to be explained to the hapless public who’d be lost otherwise.

If you haven’t seen that Comedian trailer, do so. “A robot…renegade cop.”

You’re fired!

Don’t forget this one! A classic: