Do Multivitamins surpress apetite?

Do multivitamin pills make us less hungry?

I guessed that they do because they provide the body with most of what it needs so the body does not see any need to activate the hunger urge. And it seems like they make me less hungry when I take them. But I don’t take them often enough to see any proof and I suspect that if they did have the effect of making me less hungry ( and thus lose weight) that would be because they are having the placebo effect.

So, mindless drivle aside, do they make us less hungry? even slightly?

I’ve started taking them daily. I feel like my appetite has decreased slightly… but it’s only been 3 weeks, and at over 300 lbs, it is hard to notice changes in weight. Period.

Although I take them, and sure as hell wish they would work as a defacto diet tablet, a friend who needs to gain a lot of weight was told by his doctor to start taking multi-vitamins to make up for any deficiencies in his diet…and I don’t think that would have been prescribed if they thought he was going to LOSE weight.

Nice theory though.

There was another thread the other day asking if these multi-vitamins are even worth taking…and I have to admit, although I don’t feel any worse since taking them, I don’t exactly feel like Superman either. I still have a half bottle of those nasty-tasting horse tablets, so maybe I’ll wait til its finished and then decide to continue or not. However, if I happen to lose 25 pounds in the meantime, I’ll buy a case.

I don’t feel noticeably physicaly better for taking them. But simply knowing that I have all those lovely vitamins inside me makes me feel better. In other words, if nothing else does, the knowledge makes me feel better. (especially as my ‘diet’ is so bad - junk food and snack food, little else)

I think if your body has a balance of what it needs, it will be less likely to crave stuff. I have noticed that taking evening primrose pretty much completely gets rid of any pre-menstrual symptoms, including the chocolate craving.

I still like chocolate, and eat it, but I don’t get that wild unbalanced burn for it any more.