Multivitamins increased my mood? Placebo effect?

I had a bad hangover one day, and went out to buy some multivitamins, because I figured “what the hell, it couldn’t hurt.” I was expecting them to maybe help some small amount with my hangover, and the rest of the benefits would be invisible, like slightly improved bloodflow or something.

But since I’ve started taking them, my mood has consistently been far better. I used to get a bit introverted, or feel just sort of crappy, and in the last two weeks, I haven’t felt anything like that. My baseline state is my goofy, fun self that I enjoy beeing.

Is this a placebo effect? I mean, I don’t think so, because I absolutely did not predict this. Is there any science to support this?

Alot of nutritional deficencies can effect mood, you may have just corrected a lack of some stray vitamin you rarely get and it has made you feel better in general.

I believe that some multi-vitamins also add stimulants like caffeen and such which might help. So, it could be a combination of things. Maybe one of the medical dopers will wander in to give a better answer.


I can’t speak for you, but I have had some issues with low B12 and low iron. Once these were corrected, I felt better. My theory is that when you feel run down all the time it is hard to be in a good mood.