Do neutered cats get frisky?

My kitty Cookie Monster is a two-year-old neutered female. Despite having had her ‘bits’ removed, she still acts like she’s in heat. Every evening she comes up to me (not Mrs jjimm - only me) and meows until I stroke her, and while I’m stroking her she turns round and ‘presents’ her nether regions, flattening herself onto the floor and positioning herself so that I’m stroking the base of her tail. If I stop, she meows very strangely, and also seems to enjoy being patted on the base of her tail. It’s all a bit strange.

Is this even remotely sexual behaviour? Has anyone else observed such strange behaviour from a neutered cat? Or is there a possiblity that she wasn’t properly neutered?

Our female cat who died last week was like that. I think it’s the hormones. Male cats dont get frisky at all as far as I can tell.

jjimm, are you sure there isn’t a law against that sort of thing. I mean the cat is underage.

There was a post about this a few weeks ago. Cats liking being scratched at the base of their tail isn’t, strictly speaking, a sexual thing. They just happen to like it, same as under the chin or on their cheeks.

4 Male Cats, all neutered here. One of the two "kittens " - Thunder- ( about 3 years old, but MUCH younger than the other two ) has his moments of real desire. He stands VERY close to his littermate, and arches his back, and his haunches twitch and clench, and he purrs madly as he paws the bedding JUST next to his brother, who in true cat tradition always looks breathlessly bored.

It is undoubtedly sexual in nature. At some point, poor Thunder has had enough, and flops over, to give himself a bath- which starts with his tiny cat erection poking out of his belly.

Meanwhile, Lightning is out on the verandah with a glass of scotch and a cigarette.:smiley:


Yeah, I am a bit dubious about it. She really seems to get off it - flattens herself on the floor, puts her butt high in the air, purrs with an added ‘moaning’ noise, and yowls at me if I stop. She’ll follow me round the house for hours crying until I perform this function. She’s leading me on.

I feel used.