Do NOT fuck with me and my games (lame)

Background: Our family has the slightly-odd tradition of, for birthdays, ordering items for ourselves and then pretending we don’t know about them.

On May 10 of this year, in line with the above tradition, I ordered several games for my birthday. The packages arrived, and I basically forgot about them.

Jump forward one month and a few weeks, to June 18, a few days before my birthday. I get my birthday gifts a few days early, since I’m going to be out of town for 12 days. I’m happy, very happy. Until…

One is missing. I thought I had ordered from three sellers; it turns out that there were four. The fourth never sent the game I ordered.

I sent an email to Seller Number 4 on the 18th, saying that if I received no reponse in a week (a time I figured to be pretty generous, as the package was already nearly a month late), I would contact Amazon.

Today I did so.

What the FUCK were you thinking, SN4? How, exactly, does it come about that you put an item up for sale, and FORGET about it? I understand that there could be outside circumstances, but even so.

Damn it. I hate this habit I have of thinking about all the possibilities. I can’t even work up a good rant anymore.

I love it when people put 'lame" in their thread title.

Know why?

'Cause it’s lame.

What the hell were you talking about?

Oh, yeah. Video games or some shit. Wah, wah, wah.

Happy Birthday.

Before you go off, are you positive that you ordered the 4th one? Did you check the packing slip to see if it was on backorder? Did you get charged for it? Could your little brother/dog/magic elves have walked off with it?

Check on these things first, when come back bring wah wah wah lame.

Yeah, I’m sure. It’s in my Amazon listing. No packing slip - I only ordered one thing from this particular person. I’m pretty sure I was charged - I can’t check from here, but I can when I’m back home. No little brother, and the dog doesn’t show much interest in games. Besides, the packages are usually on the table with the mail, and the dog can’t reach. Haven’t seen any magic elves, either.

Oh, so this is one of the “buy new or used for $.10” options where you get it from an individual? I’ve found shipping on the few of those that I’ve done to be pretty late, but >month seems pretty excessive.

I think this thread is more appropriate for MPSIMS.