Do nuns shave their legs?

…or any other parts of their body? They are always covered so I don’t see a need for them to shave. But if they have communal showers, they might want to. I’ve always wondered this, but I don’t know any nuns to ask.

I imagine it depends on the nun, and perhaps the order to which she belongs.

Many don’t wear long robes, just conservative everyday clothing, and that does include knee-length skirts. Of all the nuns I ever knew (and there were many, since I’m a veteran of 12 years of Catholic schooling), I never noticed any that wore pantyhose but hadn’t shaved their legs.

I have no idea about any other bits, or the nuns’ showering arrangements.

Not relevant to the shaving thing, but an ex-girlfriend told me that she once spent time with nuns in a convent, and was surprised to find that they spent a lot of time in their nightgowns when in private.
(I’m not saying all nuns do this. YMMV.)

For all I know, they bikini-wax their hair off. Not for the look, just for asomething to dedicate the pain to. That would’ve fit the mindset of the nuns that taught me through eight years of grammar school.

/me sighs

Not every Catholic group believes in mortification of the flesh…

Orthodox nuns (and monks for that matter) tend to wear cassocks (which are actually quite comfortable) and skoufias (a soft conical or cylindrical cap) as their daily wear. This means that they are usually covered up. Showers aren’t communal, and in fact its not uncommon for a monastery to not have any hot water, or even running water at all, and it’s also not uncommon for monastics to only bathe once a week or so, though they will do so more often if they are making a trip outside the monastery or are expecting visitors. It’s also usual for monastics to never cut any of their hair. Therefore, while I have no direct knowledge of the matter, I’d say it’s fairly likely that Orthodox nuns don’t shave their legs.

Our Lady of the Gorilla Gams?

You’re just asking us to help fill in the details of your masturbatory fantasies here, right? :wink:

Actually, I watched a movie called 8 1/2 Women, in which Toni Collette plays a nun. In one scene, you see her completely shaves genitalia, which got me thinking…

While I have lots of mastubatory fantasies, I can assure you that none of them involve nuns, unless they’re Toni Collette-like. Catholic school girls yes, nuns no.

Considering many, many women don’t shave their legs in the cold Northeast winter (why bother? Who’s going to see them?) I see no reason for nuns to take the extra trouble.

I doubt they shave anything. The idea of “Who’s going to see them?” becomes even more prevalant, pardon any implications.

Let’s help him along then: “No, they shave each other’s legs. Right before the lingerie pillow fight.”

I have a relative that is a nun and some were former nuns,Now that they( mostly) wear modern clothes They may as some wear lipstick. My relatives do not.
I also have a couple of friends who are nuns.I do know there is no rule against it in the different orders that I know about.


Anecdotal, but when I was in fourth grade, (at a Catholic school), we had sex ed. (All we learned about were the technical sperm meets egg and puberty stuff). Our teacher was a nun, and she explained to us girls about shaving under our arms.

Then she told us a story about a fellow sister who had undergone surgery for something or other that required her to shave her pubic region. Apparently, when it began to grow back, the nun complained that it itched like hell.

Is that a direct quote of what she said? :wink: