Do other Dopers' names evoke a feeling in you?

I know we’ve had threads about about what people mistake usernames as and what they actually mean, but I don’t think there has been a thread about how they make us feel.

I was just reading some threads and seeing the name FuzzyPickles made me crave a big green? hug and earlier today I saw Oakminster and thought about doing some wordworking in the garage. But I also have some obvious ones like picunurse bringing babies to mind, Super Kapowzler reminds of Beevus , and, of course, Opal brings pie (although I don’t actually really know if the two are technically connected).

So does reading any Dopers’ names evoke any automatic imagery to your mind?

Skald the Rhymer calls to mind the image of a Nordic bard. A black Nordic bard. Which is something ya don’t see every day. Then again, **Skald’**s a pretty unique dude, so it works.

Marconi & Schmeese - either a yuppie frozen seafood chain (McCormick & Schmick), or a casserole filled with old radio parts.

Sage Rat - a delicious but thrifty roast meat dish.

rachellelogram - a woman compressed into a neat geometric shape.

Stoid - a small fibrous mass in an uncomfortable place.

It’s not exactly an image but whenever I see Siam Sam I get the song “One Night in Bangkok” stuck in my head

For awhile I associated Skald the Rhymer with boiling a terrible poet in oil, or possibly steaming one to death.

I agree with your last three, and will offer another:
Beware of Doug: the guy from Nickelodeon/Disney’s Doug turning into a monster. Beware!

I’ll see if I stumble on some more. I tend to forget names very easily. The few people who’s names I do remember don’t really conjure up anything other than what I think of them as a poster.

ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies, I always picture Darth Vader in an apron.

I always imagined a Death Star cookie jar, then someone made one:

Regallag_The_Axe. I always read it Regaling_The_ Axe and imagine a barbarian telling stories to his favourite weapon.

WOOKINPANUB. To me, it’s WOOKIE IN A PUB, and I imagine Chewbacca hoisting a pint of Guinness.

**Lissla Lissar **makes me want to re-read Deerskin.

Biffy the Elephant Shrew’s name reminds me of the Animal Fair song.

Biffy the Elephant Shrew
Hung out with a fellah named Drew…

Scumpup: ‘Scumping up, sir!’