Do people get, um, denser as they get older?

By denser I don’t mean dumber, I mean having denser mass.

The reason I’m asking is that I have some pre-preggo clothing that fits me, in a normal, non-stuffed sausage type way, but I weigh quite a bit more now than I did before I got pregnant.

Also, when I’m smaller I have pants and things from high school that fit me but I way TONS more now than I did back then.

So, I’m guessing I have more muscle then I used to but I’m just wondering if that’s a regular thing to have happen? Now, before anyone asks, I haven’t been doing any strength training, power lifting, etc. Just walking enthusiastically and carrying Junior around - I’m less active than before I got pregnant, although not a slug.

What say you?

At 18, I weighed 160 with a 34" waist. About 50 years later, I’m 150 with a 33" waist and couldn’t fill out the jeans I wore years ago so I guess for me, it’s still about the genes.

I say you have more muscle mass.

They actually tend to get less dense (more body fat), with a steep fall after the 50s. Sarcopenia and declining bone mass.

It sounds you have somehow gotten more muscular. Toting a baby/toddler and equipment is plenty of strength building exercise.

Carrying the kid around is probably a lot more exercise than you realize.