Do people really do this stuff? (Sexual TMI)

Ok, maybe a pearl necklace would be accepted in place of the jewelry. I could see how some could do that with pleasure, and I am sure that an “Angry Pirate” is just a misogynistic joke as is the “Strawberry Shortcake.”

But are there fans of the “Dirty Sanchez,” other than Dustin Diamond? Am I the only one who finds a snowball or a creampie disgusting? If you do enjoy these acts, I mean no offense, but I really don’t get the thrill.

SSG Schwartz

Pearl necklace, yes. Dirty Sanchez, Angry Pirate, etc etc are all just jokes. Snowball is a joke from Clerks but I have seen it in porn and wouldn’t be surprised if some people do it. By creampie, you mean just making it? What’s wrong with that? If you’re having sex without a condom, chances are you’re making a creampie or a pearl necklace, dude.

These guys seem to be pretty into the Dirty Sanchez, but no, I don’t think real people are out there giving Donkey Punches and such.

Pearl Necklace and Cream Pie don’t even fit into the same category as Dirty Sanchez and that ilk, I don’t think. The former are playful descriptors of common semenical activities, while the latter are just ha-ha-ha disgusting flights of fancy.

If you are not Donkey-Punching you’re not really having sex!


No, I mean more than making it, I mean orally removing it.

SSG Schwartz

So, I am guessing the “Rusty Trombone” is also a joke?

SSG Schwartz

Done that. It’s trickier than it looks.

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I only recognize one thing mentioned so far in this thread (the pearl necklace.)

And I am SO not Googling any of this.

Just reading the thread title and nothing else I answer “Yes!”

I’m sure there are people out there doing alllllllll kinds of stuff

Thanks, SWB, I am sure your mind would be blown if you had even moused over the title. We would not want that to happen.

Goodnight, :rolleyes:

SSG Schwartz

Urban Dictionary is good for this sort of thing, and also safe for work. Well, insofar as these terms are safe for work :).

Good call.
Of course in the quest to fight ignorance, you might want to look them up when you get home.

I’m going to check that Urban Dictionary link from Sofis. It’s not so much a NSFW thing (I’m self-employed) it’s that I have low personal threshold for squick, and a really good visual memory. There are things you just wish you could un-see, you know?


Whatever you do, don’t listen to this video. video safe for work, the lyrics not so much (all inuendo)

For myself, scat stuff is a deal breaker.

A girl I knew in college once mentioned “Donkey Punching” in a sort of “gross things gay guys do” way. I tried to tell her it was a made-up sexual practice, but she wouldn’t believe me. No, she had evidence that it was real.

It had been mentioned on South Park.

Because really, what better proof could there be for something NOT being a joke?

Me, neither. A gay friend once told me what a dirty Sanchez was, but I cannot recall and I’m not sure I want to (I don’t even recall if it’s something supposedly more common for gays. No clue here). I knew what a cream pie was, too, though…

I know what a golden shower is. There was something about a rimshot, but again, it is lost to the mists of time. And that’s just fine with me.

Good Og, I am actually offended by some of the acts mentioned in that video. Hilarious, however.

SSG Schwartz

This is going to sound dumb, but for about 10 years I thought a “Rusty Trombone” was ass-to-mouth. The actual trombone being rusty, ya see? I just learned about two weeks ago that it’s actually a simultaneous rim job and hand job. The latter seems a lot more plausible than the former; once I realized that, I realized it’d be a relatively common occurrence when one is giving a male a rimjob. Not that I sit around thinking about that sort of thing…

No, that’s an ATM, or ATM deposit depending on how far it goes.

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