Do people who get warnings get a notification?

I was perusing the Quarantine Zone and thinking to myself what an unexpected nightmare it seems to have been to moderate. Warnings left right and centre… my sympathy to the mods.

And then it made me think about my own history. I’m certainly not a prolific poster but I’ve been on this board on and off for over 18 years and I’ve never received so much as a moderator note.

But have I? I don’t always return to threads I’ve posted in.

If a poster gets note or a warning do they get notified? How many of us might have been living in blissful ignorance of our indiscretions?

Notes aren’t tracked by the system in any way. You won’t get any sort of notification for a mod note. If you don’t return to the thread you might not see it.

If you receive an official warning, you will get a notification for it. The title will be Warning for (user name): (reason for warning). The reason will typically be something like Being a Jerk, Personal Insults, Hate Speech, Failure to Follow Moderator Instructions, etc. It’s just a quick description of the reason for the warning. We have several pre-packaged reasons in the software, and we can always fill in a custom reason.

The notification’s message will give a link to the post that received the warning, along with a more detailed description of the offense and a copy of the post.

I know the system will send a PM to notify you about the warning. Not sure if it also sends an e-mail or not.

Warnings will show up on the Infractions tab of your profile, which will be visible only to you and moderators/admins.

Yes, it does.

My understanding is that it will send you an e-mail only if you have “Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages” checked under “Options” in User CP. So it’s best to have that checked.

Thanks. There’s a part of me that wants to go through the 1,000 odd threads I’ve probably posted in to check for notes. I know that sounds ridiculous but don’t underestimate my determination to scratch an itch.

You can search for posts that contain your name and “moderator.” I don’t always mention the poster’s name when issuing a note, and some moderators may not included the word “moderator” when giving one, but that should pick up many of them.

Yes, it does. And to their credit, every warning I’ve picked up over the years has been accompanied by a PM from the mod in question, detailing my transgressions. Even the totally bogus warning I got from Colibri once, because it was a Wednesday and he was feeling twitchy. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not actually to our credit. When we’re giving a warning, there’s a field there that needs to be filled out with the explanation. That’s what ends up in the PM. It’s not something extra we do; it’s automatic (though I suppose if we wanted to be lazy, we could just put “you suck” in there, or something).

And my moderator notes usually say “[Moderating]”, not “Moderator”. I don’t know if the search will work for the partial word “Moderat”.

That still leaves all the other non-bogus ones. :wink:

It’s a fair cop.

I’m wondering where the Expungement Forms are for getting right of old warnings. :slight_smile:

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