Is there a way to know if you've received a warning?

I was reading some thread about a warning issued and thinking that I had never received a warning.

Then it occured to me that in fact I often don’t come back to a thread I posted in, or post a lot and then don’t read the dope at all for some period, and so that for all I know I could have received dozens of warnings without knowing it.

So, is there a way to know if you’ve been warned or have received a note in the past?

Also, do people who receive a warning also get a mail informing them of it (not again that it would help in my case, since I essentially never read my non work e-mails if I’m not expecting something specific)? A Private Message, maybe (those being the only messages I’m likely to notice)?

I believe it shows up on your User CP.

Three ways:

  1. You will receive a PM entitled “You have received a warning at Straight Dope Message Board.”

  2. Based on that PM, you will receive an email entitled "You have received a new private message at Straight Dope Message Board from [sender], entitled [title]

  3. The warning will be listed in your personal profile under “infractions.” This notification is visible only to you and the Board staff.

You have no warnings as far as I can see.

A courier will show up at your house. When you answer the door you get kicked in the nards (or nard equivalent).

We’re working on that option for the most flagrant offenders. (Unfortunately, I understand that Lynn’s Cousin Vinny is no longer available.):slight_smile:

Where? I don’t see a heading “infractions” anywhere on my User CP page, nor on the “Your profile” page. I’m sure I have some.

The infractions tab only appears if you have any infractions. If you’ve never received a warning, you won’t see the tab.

If you do, they were issued before the automatic system was added about three and a half years ago. Only those processed through the automatic system appear in the “infractions” tab, which apparently doesn’t appear if you don’t have any. (When I check your profile – which I can because I’m a mod, some random nosy Doper wouldn’t be able to – I see the tab, but there are no entries when I click it.)

I just checked our database of “warnings” which were issued prior to three years ago------IOW, the “old-fashioned way.” I found none under your name.

What’s the record?
If I only get a warning say once a year or maybe 18 months can I continue to rack 'em up till I have the record (purely hypothetical of course)?

We look at patterns when we discuss bannings – not just the number of infractions, but the nature of each, the timing of them, etc.

So, that standard default mod answer – there is no hard and fast rule, we evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

This isn’t a competition.:wink:

Great! So maybe I could mix things up – insulting another poster, posting to multiple threads, an intemporate racial slur, suggesting illegal behavior, improper use of copyrighted material. . .

I bet I could easily find a dozen different ways to merit a warning. If I mixed them up so I never did the same thing two days in a row, and kept on making non-offensive posts at the same time, I might be able to rack up scores of warnings before I got banned!

I’m going to sneak brag a bit. I do believe it was my bitching about this very problem that made other forms of notification besides a warning in the thread the norm.

PS. I don’t have the time for being mod. But I think I could work in some nad kicking or taint punching if you guys are desperate.

Not to my recollection. The other forms of notification were introduced when we instituted the automated warning system in May 2009. They’re just generated automatically when we issue a warning through the system. Unless you invented the system, you had nothing to do with it.:slight_smile:

And do such things “age off” (say you get a warning, behave yourself for X length of time, warning drops off the record) like traffic tickets do? :slight_smile:

Refer to twickster’s comment in Post #11: mods are wetware, not bots, they evaluate each situation as it arises and use their sterling judgement and wisdom to determine whether to shout, pull the cat-o-nine-tails out of the bag or set up the plank. Having a mob of mods to debate your fate is far superior to relying on a single dictator’s dictation.

Clairobscur, I’m pretty sure the warning I received was meant for you. I’ll forward it on. It has your fingerprints all over it, and my posts are pristine.

Welcome to the boards, For You.

twick’s post and your reply supply no answer to Seanette’s question, so I’ll ask it again:

Do warnings and notes expire after a predetermined time period?

There is no “Spent Convictions Act” here. This has been asked a number of times.

From what i understand, and the mods/ admins can explain it more fully is that a warning 5 years ago will mean little. A series of warnings within 6 months may suggest you are not a good fit for the board.