Do poets & artists performe for them selves

my message is posted as a poem:

for only you

Last Saturday night you were brave
stepping high heeled. Out
of the wave you penciled-in. Pink
floyd silenced the black dogs barking.
In mad wait words dove, you spoke
into the minutes that buried midnight.
Tortured traces of you open & closed
plastic bone shutters throwing light
upon dungeon doors. Imprisoned
looks searched your eyes for who you
used to be. For the strings that moved
& your sounds that bent & knelt 'at
the doorways of perception. Tricks
performed in the pale-past filled
my mind with questions I’d all ways
wanted to ask, just why 10 minute
conversations, were ’ a toxic interlude ’
to you ? I moved my beat
to your sound, your images animated
the bent faces from a chrome ball.
Unrecognisable, distorted to us all.
Pause turned to gaze upon the dwell
in your voice, stranding my attention
to see the pictures you painted
were for, only you.

I think you may have answered your own question.