Do Some People Habitually Keep Their Anal Sphincters Tightly Clenched?

Is it true that some people habitually tighten their anal sphincter muscles even when there is no immediate need to do so, such as one would to temporarily retain flatulence or fecal matter? What would cause a person to do this??

Is the tendency to do this correlated with any other personality traits, such as ‘Type A’ personality or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Can this behavior lead to medical problems such as fissures or hemorrhoids??


To retain flatulence when in a certain social setting is only polite. To retain fecal matter, well, it only makes sense to do so until you can find a restroom. Or do you mean people who do this when they obviously don’t have to?

  1. Tighten anal sphincter muscles.

  2. ???

  3. Profit!

You might be onto something. My boss is so tight that he squeeks when he walks, could be from an overly developed sphincter.

Ok, joking aside, I’ve never heard of being ‘tight assed’ as anything other than a colorful description of an uptight person. It is an interesting question, and googling ‘tight ass’ is of no help. Tightening my sphincter muscles voluntarily takes a bit of concentration and isn’t very comfortable. If my body did it involuntarily, I guess I would act uptight too.

Correction- 3. has to be ‘Hi, Opal’. It’s in the rule book. :wink:

It’s just that sort of anal retentiveness that can kill a joke.

I do but only when in the communal showers at the local swimming baths.

Well ya never know who is standing behind you with a glint in their eye just waiting for you to drop the soap :smiley:

Why wouldn’t you clench your sphincter? It can good-bye depression, amongst other positive benefits!

Sphincter says what?

Clenching your sphincter can also flex the muscles controling flow rate for your penis (if you have one). That are used to improve sexual capabilities for a man. Still after practice you should be able to clench your penile muscles independantly of your sphincter. So called kegal contractions.

I’ve seen that book a bunch of times and every time I think that if it were cheaper I would buy it for a laugh. But 16 dollars is too much for a joke.

Do Some People Habitually Keep Their Anal Sphincters Tightly Clenched?
To answer the title of this thread.
I suspect that doing so continually is impossible.
Try to tighten any muscle and keep that way for any length of time and it will atuomatically relax when your mind drifts or changes to some other task, thought.

A habitual tightening would be a nervous tic, or something similar, when there is no obvious need, would it not?

Jusdging from the way some folks dance, I’d have to say yes.

Whoa. You mean most guys have to learn that? I always could. That’s cool as hell, I have a new superpower! I didn’t even know there was a word for it.

For some reason the name Seth Bullock comes to mind. :wink:

Fear of fyling through the air like a party balloon without a knot.

Some learn it, some pick it up by accident, others just are natural willy wagglers.

To answer the OP factually and seriously, yes. Some people clench up unconsciously, and sometimes for long periods of time.

Sample size: One. Moi.

I don’t know why I do it, and I haven’t really noticed a pattern as to when I do it. But every now and then I’ll just notice “Hey! My ass is clenched up and harder to get into than a U2 concert! Relax!” And sometimes I really have to concentrate to stay unclenched.

But it doesn’t happen all the time.

Useful Information :slight_smile:

There was a poster on the SDMB who admitted to doing the tight sphincter thing so much as a child (or infant?) it affected the poster permanently with way above average constipation. That poster’s personality, however, seemed to be the complete reverse of the popular notion of anal-retentive.