Do some people have NO sense of humour?

I recently started this thread and I was amazed at how many people thought I would seriously think about harming an innocent animal. :rolleyes:
Am I just stupid or isn’t it obvious it was supposed to be a joke?

Most people seemed to get that it was a joke…I’m not surprised it was closed, though. These days it doesn’t take much for that to happen.

[lie]Anyway, back to the subject of the OP, when I visited my brother in Montana I killed a moose with a single roundhouse kick.[/lie]

Hmmm …15 responses (as of now) to your IMHO thread, most of them polite and yet you found cause to bring this to the pit?

I wouldn’t call you stupid, maybe just a little ignorant of the way things work around here.

Read a little more and lurk a little more then come back to the pit when you have a legitimate bitch.

BTW, as an old country boy who has done his share of hunting, a full grown healthy deer (or a racoon for that matter), will tear you a new asshole in a heartbeat.

Well Chicken Lover, though I’m no arbiter of what’s right or wrong with regard to the board, I thought locking the thread was a bit harsh…I thought the thread was highly amusing.

There were a few threads some months ago (no time to find links sorry) about nasty horrible ways to die. No-one implied that anyone should try to enact them. It seems sometimes, before penning a ‘Disgusted in Doncaster’ reply, maybe readers should consider whether the post is

a) Trollery (ignore it)
b) Beyond the standards of normal decency (ignore it or get the mods to close it if it really offends you)
c) Humourous (reply in kind if you so wish)

Naturally, the boundaries can be a little blurred sometimes, particularly if you have a somewhat macabre sense of humour;)

I think it was implicit, if you followed the link, that Chicken Lover was bemused as to why his thread had been locked, and as it says, the BBQ Pit…

So I wouldn’t call him ignorant, I’d say he’s followed the rules to the letter. But that’s just my opinion:)

Aw, some people just take things differently than others. No big deal. If I came across that thread before it was closed, I would have been very amused. But, then again, this is coming from the man who’s been declared to have the most vile personal habits on the SDMB.


I’ve gone back and read the entire thread(s) again and I still haven’t seen where Chicken LOVER has complained about his/her thread being closed. The only complaint I see is about our collective lack of a sense of humor.

It’s no big deal to me and I whole-heartedly welcome CL to the board, but I don’t see an implicit link between the closing of the IMHO thread and this pit complaint.

I could be wrong, it certainly won’t be the first time. If I am, then please accept my apoligy.

VaHermit, it’d be a dull world if we all interpreted things in the same way. I assumed that the thread closure was his point, but I could equally be wrong. It’s not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things anyway I suppose…:slight_smile:

And your reason for believing the two to be mutually exclusive?
Welcome to the boards.

Well Chicken, it wasn’t real obvious that it was a joke. I read your thread though and assumed you were not serious. But I’ve had neighbors who were evil and kicking animals wasn’t something that they’d think twice about. Having dealt with animal abuse personally and having been threatened by abusers because of my intervention, I didn’t find your thread amusing in the least.

I realized your thread wasn’t about condoning animail abuse, so I skipped it. But it should have been fairly obvious that it was going to strike some folks the wrong way.

Your right android, my main complaint was that it was locked. I should have made that more clear in my OP here.
I know most of the replies were in good humour but I did find it annoying that a few people took it upon themselves to complain or call me a ‘troll’ (= someone who deliberately causes arguements, right? Not what I was trying to do)
Looking over more pit threads I realise people have much stronger reasons to compain than me but I think I was justified.

Well, I have a teeny-tiny complaint regarding the title of this thread.

Guess what? Just because people don’t find funny the same things you (generic you) find funny, that doesn’t mean they have no sense of humor. It means they don’t have your sense of humor.

Some people find jokes about farting and/or pooping to be a stone-cold riot. Some people think nothing beats a good ethnic or racial joke in which some other type of person is painted as stupid/dishonest/lazy/whatever. Some people think speculating on what to do with dead cats or dead old people or dead babies is hi-larious.

And some people don’t think any of that is funny. God forbid they actually say so, though, lest they be accused of being humorless old farts who wouldn’t know a good joke if they fell over one.

Just because some of the people who responded to that thread were unamused by it doesn’t mean they don’t have functioning senses of humor. It means they didn’t think it was funny. Get over it.

Jodi said “pooping” and “farting”.

(…dead cats…hee hee)
Mouthbreather, you beat me to it

Now that’s funny!
(of course, I can’t stop laughing over the name, “Chicken Lover”!! Bwahahaha!!! Great! I just love it! It reminds me of the Great Gonzo for some reason)

I saw the thread. I thought it was in bad taste and had nothing to add. (I think I would be physically ill in the attempt.)

I don’t see how its funny. I don’t see why it should be locked, other than to keep the seriously offended people from hauling you into the Pit. I was perfectly happy with letting it die a natural, unkicked, death.

I also think you’d be hard pressed to take down a deer.

I was one who suggested it be locked simply because I found the whole idea of entertaining those types of thoughts to be deeply disturbing to me.

Chicken Lover, I don’t know you, therefore I am not going to judge you by one thread of yours that I have read. God forbid anyone judge me by the empty posts I have made! I started a thread once that I was so emabarrassed about I begged Lynn to delete it!! So don’t take my disgust towards that particular thread to heart. It was merely a difference in opinions and so I stated mine.

Anyways, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I read lot’s of things on these boards I disagree with, don’t find funny, or that I even find offensive, I have never gone through the trouble of asking for a thread to be closed. Why couldn’t you just not read it after you saw what it was about? It was getting posts pretty frequently, a lot of people were enjoying it, I would have enjoyed thinking up some contribution had it not been CLOSED BEFORE I GOT A CHANCE TO.


Very well said…and exactly what I was thinking.

I just noticed my extra apostrophe…man, what a night…

Extra apostrophe!!! I just reread your post 2 times to find the so called extra apostrophe and MY EYES ARE KILLING ME!!! You guys are really tough on editing your posts…not me though/ speling/ punctution/ I does it all wrong.

I honestly don’t think the post was all that funny. I wasn’t offended, I just didn’t find it funny. I personally wouldn’t have posted it as I know that animal cruelty doesn’t really sit well with most folk and sarcasm rarely translates over the computer.

Well, I’m off to start my thread about anally raping a nun then going to pee on a bible, I hope no one gets offended.