Do some threads load more slowly than others?

I’ve noticed, lately, certain threads seem to take much longer than other threads to load.

Am I imagining this, or could there be some logical explanation?

I’ve noticed it too, in the same minute one thread won’t load at all, but another one pops up in a flash.

I am guessing it is to do with the popularity of the thread, or the author, or the last person to post,

I’ve noticed that too. And this one took forever!

I’m sure we’re wrong. Even though it’s a painfully obvious, easily observed aspect of SDMB - one which seems completely unrelated to the length or age or most-recent-post status of the thread or to the time you’ve spent in a session or the time….

Someone will pop in with the fact and set us straight.

It is probably how many people are trying to access it at that moment.