Do those Dr. Pepper commercials annoy anyone else?

You know the ones I’m talking about. Listen to the words.
“Be you, do what you do”. I mean, can we put the bar any lower? Hey Jeffrey Dahmer! Are you being you? Yes? Are you doing what it is you do? Excellent! Have some Dr. Pepper.
On an unrelated side note, at least two of the people in these Dr. Pepper commercials have died (Celia Cruz and Jam Master Jay). Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little tacky to put up the Rest in Peace message for one second after the commercial ends?

Why no Mr Pibb™ adverts?

Somehow, a comercial that exsists solely to get you to do what they want you to do does not ring true to the “be you” message. Yea, I always thought those messages to be a bit hypocritical. of course it does not stop me fromenjoying the bubbly goodness of the elixer of the gods.
You realise of course now a death curse has been given to Garth Brooks, Cindy Lauper and Akira (or whoever the heck she is) now that they have appeared on the comercials a nasty death is sure to follow shorthly :wink:

Just like the Sprite commercials that tell you not to listen to those other soft drinks that have celebrity endorsements. OBEY YOUR THIRST!

I get totally freaked out by the weird old man who’s slapping his knee in the Garth Brooks Dr. Pepper commercial (same slogan).

Hah! And apparently I’m not the only one:

I think he’s playing the spoons.


YES! The Dr. Pepper spots freak me out! They move like they’re all on speed! Same for last years Garth Brooks Dr. Pepper ad. One just can’t be that happy about a soda.

I am not a Garth Brooks fan. That being said the man can usually compose a catchy tune. The Dr. Pepper ‘song’ they use is one of the most tuneless and grating things I’ve ever heard.

One of the few commercials that gets the automatic mute.

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I’m no Powerbroker to the Stars…but I think if you appear on a Dr. Pepper commerical…your career ended a few years ago.

I love how individuality is something commercial now.

“We have three different cell phone plans, so you can choose a plan as individual as you are!”

I always thought that was some kind of joke. Especially the ones with Kobe.

The only Dr Pepper commercials I don’t like are the Garth, Paulina, and LL’s. I most of them, especially the one with the guy from Sugar Rey.