Do Vegans eat honey?

By which I mean strict vegetarians, not alien visitors from Vega.

Well, do they?

Just wondered.

Well, each person makes different decisions, but yes, the most strict vegans do not eat honey, because it is an animal product.

Melivorous vegan here. I realize this admission may bet me blackballed by the Vegan Brotherhood, but hey I love honey.

Just can’t draw any equivalence between the cruel conditions imposed on milch cows in modern dairies and the alleged exploitation of worker bees.

That’s “get”, not “bet”.

I’ve even heard of fruitarians that eat honey, and they are far more extreme than you vegan lot.

Don’t feel bad :smiley:

G. Raven

p.s. I’m a vegitarian that feels forced to consume eggs through bread and cakes btw, I just can’t live without lots of bread.

OK I’'ll bite.

(crunch)… and no I don’t want to do a google search I do enough of them already.
What’s a fruitarian and why are they so extreme?

The American Heritage Dictionary says a fruitarian is

Actually that’s accurate, but it does not completely capture the spirit of the concept, like most dictionary definitions.

Fruitarians basically do not want to kill to feed themselves. They will eat anything that is a natural by product of the life cycle, such as seeds ands fruits that naturally fall off the living plants. For a famous example of vegetables they avoid, see the “murder of the carrot” scene with Emma Thompson in Notting Hill.
That’s why I’m in doubt to their general position on honey, it seems ideal for their criteria of “non-death” food.

— G. Raven

I saw a group of folks on TV once who wouldn’t eat seeds or fruit as this would interfere with the reproductive cycle of plants; all they would eat was plant material that could be harvested without killing the plant (so basically leaves).
They were very thin.

A few years ago, I copyedited a book on vegetarianism, and in it was a section on some more-extreme forms; the ones I remember are fruitarians, sproutarians, and, believe it or not, breathatarians. Here’s a link where the last one is discussed. Enjoy!

Huh? I just saw “Notting Hill” and don’t remember Emma Thompson being in it. Are you thinking of another movie?

Ah, nice to see the inhabitants of my hometown have officially gone completely nuts. (Oops. I hope that comment won’t be construed as “plantism” against nuts.) So… what do breathatarians eat? I hope they realize how many living things they kill off by breathing in poor defenseless microbes which may die, drowning in pools of mucus or saliva. And heaven help the poor dust mites crushed when they turn over in bed. Oh, the horror.


Do tell me this is a joke.

It’s only because of the wierdness of the internet that I feel my ability to judge something as satire as impaired. Hell, I thought the anti-circumcision pages were satire until I was informed otherwise.

For fun, check out

Ehm, maybe, but I’m pretty sure it was Notting Hill. I do know Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson were in it.

There is a scene in this movie where Hugh Grant has taken a girlfriend to dinner with his friends, one of them is a hippie played by Emma Thompson. The conversation turns to Emma’s eating habits, when she claims she cannot eat the carrots because they have been brutally murdered.

It could well have been some other movie though, I try to forget everything I see Hugh Grant in :smiley:

— G. Raven

In that case will Fruitarians eat animals that died of natural causes, such as old age or accidental death? By definition these products are a natural by product of the life cycle since animals or plants do not live forever.

I think animals that die of natural causes usually don’t taste too good :smiley:

Seriously, though, I doubt they do. It’s more of a feeling than any kind of logic that dictates these things.

— G. Raven

Placenta stew, anyone?

Not [i[Notting Hill*. the IMDb lists these movies where Emma and Hugh have worked together:

1.Impromptu (1991)
2.Remains of the Day, The (1993)
3.Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Well I’ll be jiggered… I must be going nuts. Oh, wait, I already went nuts.

— G. Raven

It was Julia Roberts in Notting Hill. One of the characters at dinner was a vegan. The first time I ever heard of these people.