Do we have a more monoculture today?

A friend of mind was saying to me that we have more of a monoculture today? That in the past we had more cultures or counter-culture where today we have more homogeneous mainstream monoculture.

More diffuse subcultures today?

Lack of counter-culture like rock, heavy metal, punk, hippie, gutter punk and cyberpunk so on.

Now more pop and hip hop and likes of yuppies and hipsters? More monoculture today?

Less rebellious people and alternative lifestyle today?

Just means you’re getting older and are not seeing the huge divides between Finnish Gothic Death Metal and Swedish Gothic Death Metal. All of the countercultures looked alike to the bourgeois.


To add to what the good Dr. said, it might also depend on what country you live in and possibly what part of that country as well.

We have a growing common culture. We have growth in sub-cultures that overlap the common culture while at the same time exclusive sub-cultures are shrinking.

I don’t see a lack of cultures, I see a general awareness, promotion and acceptance of cultures between each other and in the mainstream which makes everything a bit calmer.

There’s only so many ways to dress eccentrically while listening to terrible music about feelings.

I don’t know if different rock bands would be considered countercultures.

Unless there was cult like group of Finnish Gothic Death Metal young people and Swedish Gothic Death Metal young people. These rock bands bay be more European thing than an American thing.

In late 90’s emo and gothic was big in high school and collage in the US. And around 2000 to 2010 emo and hipsters.

To the contrary. Unlike a few decades ago, when mass media was still, you known, massive, we now all read different news sites, watch different TV shows, listen to different music where we only get reinforced in our preexisting notions.