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Thus, completely different from any of your posts on this messageboard.

One of the places I picked it up, though I’d heard it even before then, God knows where. I guess it is claimed to be more of a Britishism, but I’ve been very occasionally and jokingly saying “why don’t you teach your grandmother to suck eggs” for decades. Sometimes to blank looks to be sure, but that’s part of the charm :slight_smile:.

What I remember is that the idiom originally stood as a notice to newbies to respect the experience of the elders and also to remark that they were looking foolish in their attempts to teach people with plenty of knowledge on a matter. Later it became a note to point out to newbies that they should better bother others with their ignorant condescension and leave alone the ones that have plenty of experience or expertise in a matter.

I do translation from Spanish to English myself, and have done a lot of bilingual publications and exhibitions. I would fire any translator who did that.

A competent translator can be both accurate, and write good English sentences. Trying to “improve” the original text is not something a competent translator does.

For what it’s worth, I’m familiar with the phrase “Don’t teach yer grandma to suck eggs”, as well.

Well, a direct translation is In the water. It’s time.

If it’s really the motto of the French Navy, a good idiomatic translation might be Anchors aweigh!

Don’t tell others, :shushing_face:, it is a joke. Try to say that in French.

Click on the speaker under the French language.

The motto of the French Navy is actually:

That’s not fair, and as a longstanding mod you should know better. I feel genuine sympathy when I watch that scene, knowing the context of how he got there and what sort of a man he is. Had his father not been so given over to corruption, he and his brothers together might have been good men.

So to compare Fredo to SlackWit really isn’t fair to Fredo, or to the brilliant actor who portrayed him, and died too soon. In short, I think you owe the estate of John Cazale an apology.

It’s certainly a very familiar idiom to me (born in London).

Note to @codinghorror: We need our headsmack smilie back. As quickly as possible, please.

Sticking with the nautical theme, now try the first line of this French sea shanty:

Pas d’elle yeux Rhône que nous.

Careful! First it’s French, then it’s some ancient, cosmic rhyme that will summon Cthulhu if said *allowed.

*That’s not a typo. It’s “allowed,” not “aloud.” How exactly one might do such a thing is part of the mystery.

It’s available in the regular unicode emoji set as :man_facepalming:

It's available as :man_facepalming:

Why didn’t I think of that? :man_facepalming:

Yeah, I saw that one. It strikes me as the headsmack version of the watered-down eyeroll smilie that was foisted off on us back in the vBB days.

But thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

I have the greatest respect for John Cazale. In fact, I think if he were alive he would be a great choice to play Slacker in his bio-pic, The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Well, I’m pleased that you’ve expressed your respect for Mister Cazale, but I’m afraid you’ve got the part in quotes wrong. It’s The Dunning-Kruger Affect. I know, because I read about it a while back, and I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. Not just pretty sure, super sure!

I know the phrase as well.

I only find it as The Dunning-Kruger Effect when googling?

You have to Google it in the original French, not the shitty translation.