Do we have any of the following professions here?

Okay, I believe you. We’ve got a winner! You’re entitled to the warm glow! As well as the afterglow of having beaten Smeghead by mere minutes.

And I don’t mean to out you, but are you… this guy?

I taught at UWO that year. And I was hanging out mostly with the recovering community, which is actually pretty active there. Or was 20 years ago, anyway.

Urchin diver

Well, more of an urchin picker upper, during low tides. But I know a lot of urchin divers. When I first came here, I had a job lined up to process cucumbers, and rode the ferry up from Seattle with the guys who were moving up to dive for them. I pick cucumbers during low tide, too.

Oh, and I am friends with the Harbormaster and his family.

But I suppose none of this really counts, does it? :frowning:

While not currently (damned details!) engaged as such, I have, without pay…
-Introduced two people who subsequently married (matchmaker)
-Dived for, collected, cooked and eaten urchins (urchin diver)

I have also previously been employed as
-A juggler (circus acrobat?… I know, this is a bit of a stretch)
-Football player for a semi-pro team (professional athlete)

I know several professional athletes including ones in the NFL, NBA, and one in the MLB.

I am a semi-pro disc golfer and occasionally enter tourneys and finish in the money, but I don’t do it full time and I can’t really compete among the world’s top pros (though I have tried). So I guess I deserve a warm spark but not a lasting warm glow. :slight_smile:

Well, my good friend…

Who is on these boards but mostly only lurks, (she’s shy!),

is a manicurist. For true and sure I can verify it.

However, she is currently out of town at an event called “Boneroo”, or some such.

When she hears she misssed this she’s be disappointed for certain. I can’t wait to tell her. :smiley:

You cook 'em? We just crack 'em and scoop out the yummy bits and (generally) eat 'em on the spot. I wouldn’t know how to cook 'em, but I am intrigued!

Uh . . . depends how you mean that.

Nope. That’s not me.

I used to be a bum.

We bums hated hobos.

Damn social climbers.


I’d be interested to hear where you worked!

I was a non-Union gravedigger in northern Lake County (Illinois). We’d go in at night, after a backhoe had dug out the main part of the grave. Then, we’d hop in with a shovel and “square it out”…then move on to the next one.

We worked from 8pm-4am (the operator of the graveyard claimed that mourners didn’t want to see us during the day), and had a shovel, a lantern, and a portable stereo (your own, of course). We did indeed look raggedy while leaning (and we were known to “lurch” from grave to grave from time to time.


Wow…I get to add more color?

The cemetery I worked in (see previous post) was situated on pretty low ground. The water table in Lake County is pretty high.

What these combined facts allowed was “sloughing” (my term). The dirt toward the bottom of the graves was always slightly damp, sometimes quite wet. Oftentimes, when squaring out a grave, we’d hit a coffin that had “sloughed” over a few feet or so.

I never hit one hard enough to open it, and never cared to…it was certain;y possible, though!


That’s it! You people have held me back long enough! I’m going to Hobo college!!

::stomps off…::

::slams door::

Does earning one’s keep by leading people down rivers and then pitching them off waterfalls count?

Worked summers and part-time winters in a funeral home for a few years – did everything but accounting and gravedigging (gravedigging was done by employees of the cemetary, rather than employees of the funeral home).

So when the body removal van arrived to deliver flowers for my sister’s wedding, she immediately assumed the worst.

Being a lawyer, I’d rather not be thought of as being either, but some folks would disagree.

That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard

I have an uncle who’s a stone mason. Apparently he had a sureal conversation with someone at StatsCan who refused to believe him because NOONE is a stone mason.

I have another uncle who’s a fur trapper.

Why yes, we are all trapped in a time warp.

You’re so full of Smeg.

OMG - I went to undergrad at your school, lo these many years ago. Not where I am now, as you can see by the location field. You know “hare today, gone tomorrow.” :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: