Do we have any of the following professions here?

Dang! I used to extract venom from reptiles, amphibians and arachnids professionally. When I saw the thread title I was hoping “snake-milker” might be on the list. Oh well, too boring and common, I guess.

I once dated an astronaut (but before she became one), and had breakfast with Michael Collins once.

And I know a professional urchinologist, who often dives to collect them.

But that’s all I got.

Damn, you put me in a quandary. But I’m going to disallow you on a technicality. You’ll notice that the OP says “belongs” – present tense. So, sorry. If you want a warm glow, you’ll have to get your own – preferably through a couple of drinks, taken quickly. It’ll numb the disappointment as well.

I’ve dug graves while inbetween jobs in college, but really it’s just running a Bobcat. Not really all that difficult. I didn’t get to be all gaunt and raggedy whilst leaning on the handle of my shovel or anything like that.

They just called us “maintenance”.

How’s the sailing on Stony Creek?

I find it amazing that you can be a harbormaster at a place so remote from the ocean: Oshkosh is not even on one of the Great Lakes!

I always wanted to be a dogcatcher after seeing Friday.

“I grab a dog. I choke him and I kick the shit out of him. All day long got my foot up a dog’s ass. Just bang, bang, bang up his ass. That’s my pleasure.”

Man, what a life!

Hey August! I lived in Oshkosh from '86 to '87. Maybe we knew each other!

Does this imply that digging graves was not actually your job? You just did it to while away the time?

I played bassoon in high school, but never professionally.

Why, you got a better plan? :wink:

No, while I was in between full time jobs I could pick up maintenance hours at the local cemetery. One of the activities was getting to run the Bobcat with the backhoe on it since I’d done that before. Just not in the creating an eternal resting place kind of way. More in the ornamental pond creation kind of way.

I know a former Ukrianian that was a circus acrobat. His son tells how climbing a tree didn’t do any good, when his dad wanted to punish him.

I’m one of these.

We have a winner! If you can prove it, of course. Maybe give us a little recital…

I will admit that “Harbormaster” is a pretty glorious title for someone running a small marina on an inland lake, but that was my job title. Our biggest boat in the marina was 63’ IIRC and there was also a 54’ houseboat skippered by the former Harbormaster.

Qadgop I don’t think Stony Creek has too much to offer in sailing, but Winnebago isn’t too bad, it’s just that it’s so shallow. We rented a 36’ Allmand out of our marina that was really fun to sail, my friends and I took it on a few weekend trips up and down the lake.

twickster what the heck were you doing in Oshburgh? If you ever went down to the marina I was probably there. Otherwise I think I partied at the Delta Sig house a few times those summers.

I’ve done just abut everything a Voodoo Priest does. I’ve performed psychic surgery, summoned spirits, imposed and lifted curses, demonstrated mastery over the elements and forces of nature, predicted the future using many different divinatory systems (entrails are so old hat) and I can make blood run from my palms at will as well as stopping my heart beat or (apparently) stopping other people’s. And I’ve been paid real money to do all these things, which kinda makes me professional.

Okay, so I don’t win because I’ve only ever done these things as part of my act as a magician. But it’s close…

I didn’t actually do the digging, but I did help out the guys who did while I worked at a mortuary. (They don’t do it at night, and they never find skulls.)

To prove it, I’d have to give away my name. I’m not sure if I want to do that.

I am a professor of bassoon (and composition and theory), at a major state university. I have a solo bassoon cd, commercially available. I’ve been playing bassoon professionally since I was 18.

You correlate that with my location, you can figure out who I am, actually…

But that is as far as I’m going to go. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve got a 16’ Prindle cat that I used to take out on that big lake about 15 miles east of you there, back when I was less sane. If you’re interested in hypothermia/drowning due to the sudden development of 15’ waves combined with upwelling of 39 degree water, let me know!

Not likely, because you just described me, too! WOW, what are the odds?!

I challenge you to a bassooduel tomorrow at dawn!