Occupations of SDMB members

Over in General Questions, a common scenario is that someone asks something like, “How do they get the whatzit to hook to the widgit without it breaking?” and a few posts later there’s a reply starting with, “Professional whatzit-widgit builder here…” In other words, there seem to be gobs of occupations represented on the boards, and some of these occupations are highly specialized, making the SDMB quite the resource!


What are the occupations of the SDMB members. Mostly I’m after the range of occupations represented by General Questions participants since I’m interested in the span of expert answers that forum can provide.

Some guidelines:

(1) Post any occupation you know is present, even if it isn’t your own. (See my start below.) For example, I am not a mathematician, but I know we have several.
(2) Some folks may not want to post their occupation because:
(a) they prefer the anonymity
(b) they don’t wish to boast
Regarding (a) - Posts should not say who has the occupation (even if it is you.) Of course, if someone posts “acupuncturist”, people will naturally assume that’s the poster’s occupation, but at least this can provide plausible deniability.
Regarding (b) - No one will assume you’re boasting! If you’re a brain surgeon or a millionaire rock star and you consider yourself part of the General Questions knowledge base, post your job for the benefit of the curious. You are thanked in advance for playing along.

(3) Check that you aren’t double-posting an occupation. I (or other volunteers(?)) will occasionally make an alphabetized summary post so you don’t have to look through the whole thread.

(4) Distinct specialties should be mentioned when possible. (See my start below.)

(5) These guidelines should be thrown out whenever it seems appropriate. That is, the process should be free to evolve.

There is probably a better way to get at what I’m after using the Public Profiles, but anyway, here’s a quick start…

author (specialties?)
computer scientist
engineer, electrical
physician (specialties?)
physicist, particle
physicist, general relativity
teacher (specialties?)

Student, English Specialist for an Honours B.A., hoping to become a professor someday. :slight_smile:

I work in broadcasting. I know we have at least two published authors, and three or four doctors. We also have those who work as or with veterenarians.

Puzzle editor. A bit specialized, perhaps, but I’ve been able to be helpful once or twice.

We have several other editors/proofreaders, as well, for all those tricky grammar question; plus a couple of linguistics types.

Colibri is an expert on birds, and is often helpful in other areas of natural history.

My degree is in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, but at the moment, my job is as a mechanical engineer. I know there are quite a few engineers here, but I’m not positive of the specialties.

Former Bank Manager, Current Personal Banker.

Currently teaching music. Not a permanent career plan, though!

I am an environmental scientist (specializing in remediation.)

I also have a small business as a drinking water distribution operator, cross-connection control specialist, and backflow device tester, all of which are State licenses.

Brewer (both amateur and professional)
Teacher, Secondary - Credentials in Social Studies, English, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Gifted and Talented Education
Debate Coach
Semi-professional photographer

My title bears little to no description to what I do, so I’ll just sum it up:

I write searches. You want to find an obscure newspaper article from the mid-80’s that contains information on how the president of your competitor’s company got into a bit a trouble with the sherrif’s daughter? Or are you simply looking for relevant market research? I’m the guy you want to talk to.

I’m the bad-ass boolean pimp daddy.

I’m going to be a medical laboratory technologist. Just give me 6 months, ok? I’m almost there!

Right now I work in the study clinic of a CRO, doing things associated with clinical drug trials (vital signs, ECGs, etc). My actual job title means nothing at all.

Homemaker. Specialty: Dinner and baked goods, for a couple or a crowd. :wink:

Someday I’ll have something to contribute. :frowning:

Yes, I am a professional ornithologist, and tropical biologist.

I am also a professional exhibitionist*

*having served as an exhibition curator several times.

Hey, that’s a whole lot of knowledge, there! Don’t you dare sell yourself short!


My wife is a winemaker.

Yes, I lead a strange life.

Architect :slight_smile:
specializing in multi family hi rise buildings

Currently: Reference Librarian (specialty: Government Information). Previously: Hotel Front Office Worker/Manager, Cubicle Farmer, Mental Health Counsellor (very misleading title- I’m not a licensed therapist [or particularly caring]) and other things.

I’m researching to become an architect someday, hopefully with a specialty of building homes, and possibly interior design. So, I guess… someday, I’ll have more to contribute, on top of how to be the hub of the household (in three easy meals!)

Then you must know George Costanza. :wink:

Diplomat and international traveller in intrigue. Formerly a Level III network admin and helpdesk lackey, before that a international fixed-income portfolio manager and mid-office support; before that student, intern in the office of regional security and arms transfer; confidential courier and administrator in a virus testing lab (flesh viruses, not computer.)