My job is..?(Read ENTIRE thread before responding!)

I would like to get an idea of how many different professions are represented by the Doper community. I would like you to state your profession, but only if someone else hasn’t posted that profession previously. This will require you to read the whole thread first to make sure you aren’t posting a previously picked job. You may post twice if

  1. You have a question about this thread and/or
  2. You have two jobs, and neither of them have been listed yet.

I am the head of security at a trucking firm.

Research coordinator working in human subjects research at a hospital.

Paralegal for a Bankruptcy Trustee

Call centre adviser for a UK cellphone network

Drilling Engineer (Horizontal CBM wells depending how specific you want to get)

Patent attorney

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Programmer/Systems Analyst.

Web designer*

*(at the small Web application firm I own, so I do much more than just design Web sites since we’re so small but let’s just leave it at that)

Design and fabricate interactive exhibits.

veterinary technician

Grant writer

Question: Is “patent attorney” a profession, or is “attorney”? How specialized do you want to go for the purposes of this thread?

cafe manager at an arts-oriented non-profit

Body-in-White Manufacturing Engineer (in order to distinguish from other manufacturing engineers, which I supposed are still allowed to post).

Do you want general or specific? My general profession is librarian. I’m not going to say what my specific kind of work is within librarianship, because that would identify me: there are only about 10 people doing this in the English-speaking world, and I suspect there would only be 2 or 3 in other languages, so saying my specific kind of work would let you work out who I am in real life.

Research chemist at a small agrochemical research lab

Research Hydrogeologist at a large university

I am a college professor.

Conference interpreter (English/Japanese) specializing in medical devices.

Customer service manager in a big-box-retail store

Environmental consultant.