What field of work are you in?

In line with the US/non-US and relationship status polls, here is the occupation poll.

Here comes the poll>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POW!!!

I don’t see “retail” in there unless you would a register clerk under “marketing sales.”

But it doesn’t matter for me. I’m in the Retail industry but work in Human Resources.

I guess mine is education/non-profit.

I’m a healthcare technician- neither a nurse nor a doctor. I don’t exist.

I think I’m in Human Resources - I teach high school!

Social work. Specifically policy and programming.

Oil & Gas

You left me out. I’m a scientist. (I don’t think “research and development” really is the same.)

I’m an engineer that works for the gov’t, but I picked engineer, because I do engineer work, not gov’t policy work.

I hesitate to call myself an artist but I do work in the arts, so artist I guess.

R&D, I guess - I’m a research hydrologist.

Admin side of post-production, entertainment industry.

Public works.

Unemployed… that’s probably pretty common. Surprised you didn’t have it on the list of options.

No one thinks of the skilled trades?

Unskilled labor is a large field, too.

I picked finance, as the closest thing to my field (actuarial).

Defense contractor.

Technical writing and editing.

i was a bricklaying contractor, before retirement!

Musician – university professor.