Do we have any of the following professions here?

This is a little bit of a contest, with no prize beyond the warm glow our winner will undoubtedly feel. That winner will be the first SDMB member who can legitimately say he or she belongs to one of the following professions:

Circus acrobat
Professional athlete
City dogcatcher
White-collar criminal
Supreme Court justice
Voodoo priest/priestess
Crowned head of state
Urchin diver

Any adjudication will be by yours truly.

You ra… oh, never mind.

Well, I have a white collar job…and I have taken office supplies. Does that count?

I’m not an astronaut per se, but on my resume, someone suggested I list “Space Case” as a full-time occupation.

Oh, and I once took a class in ‘Orbital Mechanics’, so I’m a Rocket Scientist too. . .

I say no, unless fencing Post-It notes counts as your principal means of support.

I’m not an acrobat, but I can juggle! Does that count? :slight_smile:


Where can I study to be a professional hobo?

Why, at Bindlestiff U.!

I’m a practicing pagan. Does that count?
Down side of religion is that you keep practicing, but you never get any better at it.

A friend of mine describes what I do at work as “mouse peeling”. Do I get a prize for that? :slight_smile:

Well, you get… something. Maybe calluses.

Five years, no calluses. :slight_smile: I did get pamplet on animal rights from a religious studies professor once, but that’s another story. . .

:eek: Should I be taking this literally? What do you do after that, roll them in salt?

Is hobo a profession? Can you take it as a minor at clown college?

And I met my current boyfriend in an acrobatics workshop at a juggling convention, does that count?

So close! Last time I was diving in a nuclear reactor there where no urchins.

I do pathology and sometimes surgery on mice for research. Rolling them in salt may help the smell but ruin the tissues. Its a standing rule that I don’t discuss work with my friends. (I met a USDA beef inspector at a party once. There was a people-free bubble around us as we compared notes!)

I once had a roommate who was a trapeeze artist (in a real live circus, yes), and my friend’s mom is an ethnomusicologist.

Do I get half points?

(I have the most mundane job title you can imagine, although it is actually very interesting.)

My co-worker was married to a circus acrobat - he works with Ringling Brothers etc etc etc. They used to live in a trailer behind the bear cages and everything! During the summer, when the circus is on the west coast, their daughter goes off to visit him, and live the circus life.

Not an astronaut, but I do list time with NASA as an engineer on my resume, and I’ve met several…

I was Assisitant Harbormaster for 1 year and Harbormaster for 3 months at the Pioneer Marina in Oshkosh, WI from 1987-1989.

So, while I am not currently a Harbormaster I was once. Do I win the warm glow?