Do women with certain body types have worse menstrual cramps than others? A poll.

I’ve always wondered why some women have debilitating cramps every month while some women seem to have minor ones, if at all. So:

  1. Do you have cramps during your period, and if so, how bad are they?

  2. What’s your body type (thin, fat, short, tall, athletic, curvy, squishy, etc.)?
    I’ll go first.

  3. I’ve never had truly bad cramps. Yeah, I’ve cramped, but they were nothing a couple of Ibuprofen couldn’t handle. I can remember having cramps only once that were bad enough to mess with my plans for the day, other than that I’ve been very fortunate.

  4. Fat and average height, squishy/curvy (not athletic).

  1. Yes, I do. Usually if I take 2 Midol every 4 hours during the day, I’m okay and feel just mildly uncomfortable with some cramping still. I’ve had monster horrible cramps though, to the point of almost passing out, or actually throwing up, or being willing to lay on the restroom floor of my high school because I felt so horrible.

  2. Short-ish (5’4.5"), very curvy. I don’t have an athletic figure, but I do work out a lot. I’m a bit squishy (too squishy for my tastes, but my boyfriend says he doesn’t mind at all), though.

  1. I can expect cramps on the 1st and 3rd days of my period (and occassionally the 4th). About once a year the 1st day cramps will be bad enough to make me nauseous and truly sick. I can get cramps that travel from my back to my legs to my feet. Usually ibuprofen and ginger ale keeps them at bay, though.

  2. I’m slenderesque (5’ 7’’, 130 lbs). Back in my truly skinny days, my cramps were much much worse.

For me, fatigue and bloating is much more common than cramping.

I get pretty bad cramps on the first and second days of my period. They’re bad enough to make me break out in a sweat all over, and I’ve had to go home from school on a couple of occasions. If I take two Naproxen ever twelve hours or so for the first two days, I’m ok.

I’m short and very skinny (about 5’2" and 100 pounds). I’m not athletically inclined at all, so I’m bony skinny, not muscular skinny.

My cramps can be bad enough to make me faint, on the first 2 days. I’ve passed out in the Metro once or twice. Advil is the only thing that helps, and even that help is minimal.

I’m 5’5", average-to-curvy.

I’ve never had bad cramps, and I usually don’t get any at all.

Short and skinny (like Mirror Image, 5’2", 100-ish punds, not athletic).

  1. Before I started on birth control, I got horrible, curled into the fetal-position cramps 2 random days during my period. Midol, BTW gives me fevers and makes me sicker.

  2. 5’6" and hourglass shaped(about 120 lbs)

I’m 5’9" and curvy, a little bit overweight. I have cramps during the first twenty four hours of my period- they’re no picnic, but two acetametaphen two time a day takes care of it. They can be much worse, if I don’t excersize, but luckily, regular workouts keep cramps relatively easy to handle.

I’m 5’10" maybe closer to 5’11" … curvy, a bit overweight.

I may get one or two cramps that are super mild, usually the day before my period. I was on the pill for years, but went off it last month, and the intensity of the cramps didn’t change.

However, about 10 years ago I had an IUD and the cramps were excruciating.

Mine aren’t too bad, just a little on the first day.
I’m 5’ 6" and curvy. When I was a little overweight, my cramps weren’t bad either. But when I was skinny, they were hell.

Average height, very curvy, fat and squishy, but not always so fat.

I can go months without more than minor discomfort, and then there will be one month where I’ll have a bad cramp day. Not always horrid (I can go to work with these cramps, sometimes not worth much, but I can go) but very uncomfortable.

I used to have BAD cramps (almost fainting cramps) but they stopped happening after I got on a good set of vitamins and suppliments. The bad depressions stopped too.

I’ll have cramps whether I am not-so-fat or fat. I don’t see any connection between my weight and the cramps. The only thing that has helped is the vitamins. I started taking them when I was not-so-fat, and within a few months, I noticed a drastic difference. The cramps are still bad at times, but not “I think I’m going to faint” bad.

1. Do you have cramps during your period, and if so, how bad are they?
Yes. Moderate to bad during the first day or two, and nothing much after that. I’ve only had the kind that make me want to kill myself nine or ten times (but I’m only 18, so I’ve got years and years left to up that number.)

2. What’s your body type (thin, fat, short, tall, athletic, curvy, squishy, etc.)? Short and squishy.

Before getting on the pill (and now the patch) I had cramps so bad I had to sit in a dark room and miss work. It was the reason I went on the pill at 12, to ease the symptoms.

6’ tall, curvy/hourglass with a real slow metabolism and a couple of extra pounds.

Overall body type wouldn’t contribute to uterine cramping, although pelvic type and uterine type would. A tipped uterus or a heart-shaped uterus would be more likely to cause cramps than a non-endometrial infiltrated uterus/surrounding structures.
Just as body types run in families, so do uterine and pelvic structure anomolies.
5’8", 190, curvy and squishy, with worse cramping in my 40’s than in my 20’s, but Motrin is great, especially 800 mg doses.

I no longer have periods. When I had them, I always had bad cramps the first day, and felt weak and tired the first few days. It always seemed to me that these things (periods) must be taking blood I couldn’t spare. Why else did they make me feel so weak?

It never seemed to me that any painkiller in pill or capsule form had any significant effect. Liquid Tylenol seemed to help a bit.

I am now / was then fat and a bit below average height. Never at all athletic.

I think there are other factors that may be relevant. In particular, how heavy one’s periods are. Mine were very heavy. Perhaps how regular / irregular? Perhaps childbearing?

  1. Before I went on birth control, three extra strength Tylenol and two Aleve every eight hours were the minimum required to function for the first two days. Three Aleve every eight hours and two Tylenol every four hours were ideal, though, and would allow me to pretend to be okay. (Yes, Qadgop knew what I was taking, and yes, I worked up to that amount.) I went through one day partially unmedicated once. I didn’t pass out while driving, but I did spend a few hours vomiting on the bathroom floor once I got home. (I was on the floor, not the vomit, fortunately.) Now I take a couple Tylenol if I’m not too lazy to find the bottle and I can’t even feel them.

  2. Tall, curvy but within “normal” weight.

I used to get cramps when I was about 12 or 13. They would be so bad that I’d have to stay home in bed all day. Since then I get an occassional back ache, but not much more.

I’m 5’ and thin.

My cramps have always been debilitating for the first two days. I could never survive a full school day. I sweat profusely and lose control of my balance. Can’t sleep 'em off either. I’ve been on several brands of birth control but none has really worked. Ditto for OTC painkillers.

I am 5’2", 125 lbs, pear-shaped and athletic.

Am I the only one who gets really horrible cramps on the third day but not the second?

Also, I don’t think the heaviness of the flow matters that much. My last period had heavy volume but almost no pain. I attribute this rarity to the fact I did not ovulate last month.

I hope we can come up with some answer, since, god knows my gynecologist can’t. I’ve been having cannot-get-out-of-bed cramps ever since I started my period (when I was 16, I think), but since there is not anything ‘obviously’ wrong with me (endometriosis sp?, for example), the doc only had the following suggestions:

  1. Deal with it. Take more Advil.
    2)Take a fertility drug that I could only take for 6 months and would screw up my system for a good year (not to mention I don’t want kids now so it just seems rather odd to be trying fertility drugs)
  2. Have my uterus cauterized, and possibly put my future childbearing at risk
  3. Get the birth control shot.

Great. I opted for the latter, and I’m thinking about going back on it, because when I didn’t have a period, I didn’t have cramps, which was great, but, the big problem is that no one has really done research on whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for women to have more periods now (thanks to family planning, longer lifespan and earlier onset of menses) than they have historically had.

Okay, enough with the ranting.

  1. My cramps suck. I take 4 Advil on the first day as soon as possible, then 2 more every 4 hours for the rest of the day. I know it’s bad for my stomach, I know it’s not good for me to take so much, but it’s the only thing that works. Grrrr.

  2. I’m six feet tall, about 150, and more stick than curve, I think…I’m a size 8, medium size tops.