Do you buy Papa John's pizza?

Do you buy Papa John’s pizza? They look pretty good on the commercials, but I object to the CEO’s attitude. John Schnatter ostensibly said, ‘If our business is successful and achieves excessive profits, we’re under no obligation to share that with our workers.’ Whether he actually said it or not, it seems clear from his earlier statements that he probably has this attitude. (I recall him saying he won’t provide health care coverage to his employees because it would raise the cost of a pizza by 36¢.) I’d rather not support a business like that.

ETA: I tried their pizza once, many years ago. It was OK, but not great. Still, they look good int he commercials.



I choose restaurants based on food, not politics

14 cents.

Never did before (we don’t buy take-out) but sure as hell won’t after that remark.

My SO is allergic to pretty much all pizzeria red sauce. Papa John’s sans sauce was our go-to for delivery until we discovered that Domino’s has good white pizza.

They make shitty pizza. In any town where there is a Papa John’s there will always be a better choice. Vocelli’s, Domino’s, and even Pizza Hut all offer a better product if you are looking for something quick from a chain. You probably don’t have to look too hard to find someplace locally owned that is better, too. There are even frozen pizzas and pre-assembled pizzas from Walmart that are better.
After reading the article, Schnatter comes off as a giant douche, but he isn’t saying anything that you won’t hear coming out of the mouths of about a jillion MBA’s. Passing costs on to the consumer isn’t a concept he invented, nor is maximizing return to the stockholders.

I stay away from the big pizza chains, preferring a local family owned place.

ETA: Yeah!! Dommy’s Pizza!!!

Twice. They have a deal: when the Redskins win a large cheese is only $9.99, with one free topping for every touchdown. So… say a 28-10 Redskins win, a large 4-topping pie is only $9.99. They are darn frugal with those toppings though, and the green chilis are better than the pie imo.

I said “like but don’t buy” but realistically not buying isn’t much of a burden. More like “Took them off the Dominos/Pizza Hut/Papa Johns rotation when I want a low priced pizza I can order online”. I mainly just liked the dipping garlic sauce that came with it.

I wouldn’t call the one I had ‘shitty’. It just wasn’t as good as other pizzas I could get in my area. (That’s why I put a choice between ‘I don’t like’ and ‘I don’t really care for’ their pizza.)

I don’t know about Wal-Mart pizza, but I’ve had good ones from Costco. I’d probably buy Costco pizza if it fit in the fridge. The Domino’s nearest me actually makes a pretty good pie – if you get the right one. Some we’ve tried have been pretty sparse on the toppings and dried out quickly. But they’re close. I like the pizzas I make with Trader Joe’s dough. The dough is just OK (but can’t be beat for $1.29!), but the toppings are good and plentiful! :wink:

My first PJ’s pizza wasn’t bad. The second one had a strata of not-baked-to-completion, if you know what I mean. Haven’t been back since. The guy’s commercials don’t make me want to return- he seems like a tightly wound phony, and all the talk of a 14 cent increase when he’s constantly offering 2 for 1 deals is annoying.

Papa Johns has always been my favorite of my pizza chains and would choose them over the distant-second Pizza Hut.

I will also echo that I make literally 100% of all purchasing decisions based on what I want or need, and don’t give any shits about any company’s CEO’s opinion on anything

No, because I think the pizza isn’t that good. We’ll buy Round Table (when we’ve got the money to spare), and either Pizza Guys (if we want to go cheap) or Dominos (if we’re really slumming it).

Didn’t vote because there’s no option for “Yes, I like the pizza even though I don’t agree with his politics.”

John Schnatter is a piece of shit. But I have always loved his pizza. He’s starting to price me out of his client base, as their prices seem to be trying to creep up without anyone noticing.

I don’t agree with the politics of Chick-Fil-A either, but I patronize their locations several times a month.

I stopped buying their pizza after being disappointed by the owner’s politics, I’ll admit.

But recently they started a deal with the Indians that if the team scores 5 or more runs in a game, pizza is 50% off. So I caved.

It’s not the best pizza around here by far, and I actually stopped eating it for a while because it was crummy. But then I just needed to mix it up sometimes and I would buy it sometimes, and it was ok.

There is no option for “Yes I buy the pizza but I don’t agree with the politics” so I didn’t vote.

I pay extra and support local eateries, which are almost always better.

We stopped when he made his remarks. There’s better pizza around, anyways.

I don’t care about politics (I’ll eat at Chick-Fil-A, for example), but I just don’t like Papa John’s. Last time I had it was probably around 1997. No idea what the guy’s politics are, though.

There’s better pizza at local places but it’s too expensive

Even Pa John’s is too expensive for chain pizza I only get it when they have a good deal or Peyton is giving away free ones

Pretty much exactly this. I stopped ordering after his comments. There was a deal for a free superbowl pizza and I figured I was just out a tip to the driver and that was it, so that was the last time. I do like their garlic sauce though but the pizza is just ok.

Any pizza place that feels the need to provide you with butter (or something vaguely butter like) in which to dip your pizza doesn’t have sufficient self confidence in their pizza for me.

I’ve only ever eaten the pizza from one specific Papa John’s so don’t know how much quality may vary from location to location. It was the closest pizza to us so every year or so I’d get one. Most of the time it was way undercooked.

But the politics of the owner doesn’t really come into it. Rarely does for me; I don’t have the energy to do the due diligence to determine whether I like the owner of a business as a person.