Do You Care If The LPGA Busts Korean Gals' Chops On English Proficiency?

Building interest in golf requires building interest in individual golfers. I can see their point that it is kind of hard to do that when over a third of your tour is from one (foreign) country and many don’t have a good ability to present themselves other than as club-swinging robots.

It’s also probably ultimately good for the foreign-born women, as they won’t be getting huge sponsorship deals (in the West, at least) if they can’t at least seem somewhat accessible.

But suspension seems pretty harsh. How about mandatory free English classes for any non-native player on the tour, but no automatic suspension for lack of proficiency (or even for lack of much success with English classes)?

By the way, while you may or may not agree with the LPGA’s very image-conscious marketing approach, shouldn’t they be happier than they are with their current ‘problem’ – lots of young blood to rope in foreign or Korean-American viewers, plus these girls seem for the most part fairly slim and at least moderately pleasant-looking. Wasn’t it just a few years ago people were griping about the LPGA suffering from too many butchy bulky girls-gym-coach types?

Try “LPGA to require players speak English?”.

Darn. I almost never go there. Mods, shut down this one if so inclined, pls.

The LPGA is a business, and this is a business decision. Maybe it’s the right business decision or maybe it’s the wrong one, but business people screw up all the time. I don’t watch much women’s golf, but when I do, I really don’t care so much what the players have to say. I just want to watch golf.

Works for me.